WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~

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  • I-it was um....perfect
    Lets see where to begin. I read the Mangas and I got to say, the cringe they provide is nowhere near the cringe this show will put you through. I barely got through episode 8 there was so much spaghetti and cringe. I love this take on Slice of Life, I mean come on. How could you not adore and NEET quiet otaku grill. Over all I Loved it! cringe/10
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  • A One of a kind Series
    First things first, Watamote is an amazing series and is very different from typical Animes, You Follow a socially awkward, shy, to herself, Otaku Girl named Tomoko. Who tries her hardest to overcome her social anxieties by trying to change her image, behaviors, and occasionally googling how to be popular. I cant help but feel for her as I myself have been in her situations and tried to improve ...
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    Rooting for Someone Who'll Never Win
    While not a spectacular anime, Watamote is an incredibly interesting story of a girl who enters high school in hopes of becoming popular. Tomoko is by no means hero. On the outside, she is a liar, a cheater, hateful, introverted, secluded, and impossibly awkward. However, her determination and what goes through her mind to reveal her true character is what propels the show and really pulls in ...
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    UMMMMM.. its different but you'll watch
    Ok so this anime had some nice style and the..... Ok this anime was crazy embarrassing. it was like everything you could have been in school and thought of but playing out. Its just strange but i couldn't stop watching -_-. if your in the mood to waste time this is something to watch.
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  • Now this anime is a keeper
    Watamote, an anime about a not so popular girl living her life trying to become popular. Tomoko is just one unlucky High School Girl that has problems with being social and to deal with it, well... you should watch to find that out.. Anyway, spending time gaming, watching anime, traveling through the web, and reading mangas.. thats Tomoko, check it out really worth the drop by.
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  • Got me back into anime
    After I started HS I stopped watching anime (trying to be a cool kid I guess... well that didn't work out very well).

    6 years later and this show has successfully sucked me back in... Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    The main character is extremely relatable and the show itself is so awkward and uncomfortable that it makes it absolutely perfect <3 I love it
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  • This show is what social anxiety looks like. In a good way!
    If anyone who is outgoing, proud, cool, interesting, or social ever wanted to know what goes through the mind of someone young that has social anxiety, this is what you should be watching. I can't say I know what being a teenage girl feels like, but I can honestly say, as someone who suffered from social anxiety growing up, this is an accurate depiction of the way you feel. While this show covers ...
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  • Hilarious and realistic anime
    There's always a shy girl in every school/class,and I imagine they're actually like this. I know many people who can relate to being the one person who doesn't have a partner in class,and who just want to be left alone most of the time (including myself). The only bad thing about this anime is I believe it's a bit extreme with her social anxiety sometimes,it can be funny at times,but also a tad ...
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  • A sad laugh and look at a lonely person
    To those of us who can relate to Tomoko, this show is a tragically sad but refreshingly funny reminder of who we are. Those that do not relate to her will most likely be confused or offended. Which is good, you probably lead a carefree life, so the show is not really for you. WATAMOTE explores a character that is practically real. There needs to be more shows like this. Shows that make you want ...
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  • A great, true to life story
    If you're looking for an anime where everything's sunshine and daisies, you're in the wrong place. What makes this anime so great is that it addresses a major problem that many kids face nowadays, and it's the feeling of isolation from their fellow peers. We've all at some point in our lives felt rejection, and fear it. However, I think this anime helps us embrace the fact that we can't, and ...
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