Working Buddies!

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    Cats and Part-Time Jobs
    Two episodes in and I see potential for this show.

    Told in 4 minute vignettes, Working Buddies features Tapio Chatorazawa (a calico) and Kuehiko Roshihara (a Russian blue) and their coworkers at various part time jobs. Tapio seems to be the more energetic of the two and finds the joy in his jobs, while sullen Kuehiko takes a more "punch the clock and get work done" approach to his work.

    It ...
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  • Like cats? Like comedy? Watch this.
    quick summary: kuehiko (a russian blue) and tapio (a calico) are friends in college. kuehiko is reserved and quiet, tapio is chipper and outgoing. (for the 99% of my followers that are osomatsu fans, it is very much an ichimatsu & osomatsu dynamic. i wouldn’t say jyushimatsu since tapio is not that crazy.) they work part-time jobs to pay their way through college and run into an assortment of ...
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  • Exceeded all expectations
    My roommate randomly clicked on this while we were trying to find something to watch one evening and I can say beyond all doubt that I am very glad they did.

    The show follows a job-of-the-week format for the extroverted middle-class Tapio and the introverted working-poor Kuehiko. While it seems like a fluffy premise (mind the pun) tolerable for watching a couple episodes if just for cats, this ...
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    Working Buddies is a Cute Treasure
    Cute, lighthearted, funny, and easy to 'digest' with it's 4 minute episode times, this is the refreshing coffee break of the anime watching seasons. The music will turn your mood around for the better and the sweet-sour contrast between Tapio and his
    buddy Kuehiko are a match Made in Heaven.
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