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Yokuwakaru Gendai Maho

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    Good but too short =)
    My review title says it all. Twelve episodes weren't enough for this anime. The premise is interesting. I especially like the idea of new school magic using computers and code as opposed to uttering spells. The voice acting is solid as is the animation. There just needed to be more for me to feel satisfied. They just seemed to scratch the surface of the characters. I don't know if this is a ...
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  • excellent series overall
    Yokuwakaru Gendai Maho is one of those series that makes you stop and go, "Hmm I never thought about that before..." At first, it seems like your traditional magical-girl fare: a young female finds a piece of paper advertising a magic school that she's never heard of before, but somehow feels drawn to because the book that she finds it in, is supposedly written in a magical language that only ...
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    Probably the most annoying series ever
    I didnt like the main character koyomi she is utterly useless yeah the water basin thing was funny at first but got old fast so did her tripping every time she ran anywhere and crying ugh i wish she was useful to the other characters at least idk im just not happy with it overall. I hated how the story didnt match the first episode until after a few in where it catches you up and just too many ...
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  • Good, but unintresting.
    The idea behind this show is quit good, but the execution of it left me uninspired. The first episode was interesting, but the second episode left be board, and by the third episode I found my mind wondering. This is Moe anime, but trying to have a bigger story then being Moe, yet too afraid of not being Moe that it never gets to far away from Moe to be interesting, but never giving enough Moe to ...
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  • One of those shows..
    This show is one of those 'shows' that when people think of anime they think of revealed cartoon characters. I don't like this show, to put it in a blunt way. I believe the characters are a knock off of others. Unoriginal, and also boring, and just plain weird as hell.
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  • Interesting - an anime with strong support characters
    I find the storyline quite interesting including the characters. However the way they portrayed the main character, Koyomi was so shallow that the supporting characters were even more captivating than her. I particularly liked how the writer subtly implied that Soshiro was interested in Koyomi. I liked the pacing and I did not really regret watching the whole show. I might even consider watching ...
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