Yuri!!! on ICE

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  • Beautiful Anime On All Levels
    Yuri On Ice is easily the most captivating anime I've ever found myself watching. Nothing else compares. to it. I was immediately enchanted by the gorgeous art style, fluid animation, accuracy in everything shown pertaining to figure skating, and flawless dialogue and realistic story between every one of the characters. Every time I watch this anime, I smile to myself because it's just that ...
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  • Wonderful story on ice!
    It's truly amazing how many individual character's stories they fit around an ice rink. The characters are well written and truly enjoyable to watch. I was once at a national level in sports myself and I loved the portrayal of what it's like to compete seriously. I ended up binge watching this in one sitting.
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  • Gorgeous animation and great story!
    Who calls themselves and anime fan and hasn't heard of Yuri On Ice? I finally made time to watch this series and boy have I been missing out! From the start the emotional story of Yuri grasps you and squeezes harder every episode. After blazing through the first 12 episodes in two days I'm left starving for more. The second season cannot come soon enough.
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  • You won't get enough... it was made to make HISTORY!
    This is what happens when ART is made anime! I can't describe in words the awesomeness of this show, the emotions it makes me feel. I just can't wait for another season, a movie... ANYTHING! Watching it for a third time in just one week <3
    We were born to make history <3 !
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  • Perfecto!!! *in Yuri and Victor's voices
    Actually, I have been watching so many Yaoi and BL themed animes this summer break. And Yuri!!! On Ice became my top 1. I can't believe I could even watch an anime series twice now. This action is proof that this anime is worth watching. The plot, the characters and even the animation ( though I've seen better) are quite distinct from others in a way that it really draws you in at the same ...
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  • Yuri in Ice= literally the best show ever
    Ok wow. I just finished the whole thing in less than three days and I'm astounded at how amazing this show is. I mean the plot is so good and GAY ICE SKATERS. This anime is probably my new favorite anime, or even tv show. I am just so surprised and can't wait for season two.
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  • Exciting and Beautiful
    This show is beautifully animated. I watched this just before the winter Olympics and just from watching this, I could tell everything that was going on. Everything from the costumes to the plot was fantastic. Also, the series is short enough to binge on in one or two days, so that's a bonus. Also, the music/score is wonderful. I could listen to it for hours.
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  • Is there anything I don't love about this series?
    The answer to that question is: "No." There is nothing in YOI that I didn't love.

    The animation is beautiful, the skating programs are artful and fun, all the characters were well-developed. The music is bomb. Both Yuris speak to me on a deep, soulful level. Victor is so extra it honestly hurts but like in a good way. This series gave me life and I desperately need the second season to come out.
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    Men wearing thighs and happily flaunting it
    So Yuri on Ice is an anime about older men skating. In thighs and looking very comfortable in it.
    To me this was the first anime in which the main character in a sport show isn't 16 years old and a prodigy. Yuri is instead an 23 (later turns 24) year old who have been professional skater for several years, his idol being Victor another skater who is considered to be a prodigy of the ice.
    What ...
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  • I really hesitated and then was so glad I watched
    Okay whenever it comes to BL stuff it is so hit or miss. This one has a huge amount of hype to it and so I was really worried to check it out. I was blown away by how amazing it was! It was breathtakingly beautiful and I loved the realistic nature to the characters trying to accomplish their goals. It was beautiful and I would watch it over and over for sure!
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