99 Days with the Superstar

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  • Japanese RomCom with a Korean
    I really like the mix of Korean and Japanese actors/actresses; something you don't see every other drama. The acting is funny, characters are funny, and the story is very very simple.
    However, the romance between the two is more of an infatuation than actual love. They have surface likability and never goes beyond that. I wish they expressed more meaning or at least say what they like about each ...
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  • Really cute romance/comedy drama
    This show has been, like many other japanese romance dramas, a delight.

    I loved the protagonist because of his varied sides. I loved Yoo-Na because she managed to be very natural. And she actually managed to act like she was acting in the series, hahah. I can't explain it further, but I loved it.

    Thank you Crunchyroll for adding this!
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    If there were a manual for producing these shows
    this show must have followed it word for word. Everything is very formulaic and it still deserves 5 stars. The acting and scripting are great. The direction is great. The over the top zany characters have been a joy to watch. I really only watch anime, but started this one for some reason and went straight through it. (well through 8 of the episodes, had to come up for air at some point.)
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