A Sister's All You Need.

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Every day is full of fun. But something is missing.

“My life would be amazing if only I had a little sister. Why don’t I have a little sister...?”

These are the musings of little sister-lover and novelist Itsuki Hashima, who only writes works featuring little sisters. Around him gather a number of unique people: genius author/pervert Nayuta Kani, female college student Miyako Shirakawa, illustrator Puriketsu, and the brutish tax accountant Ashley Ono. Each of them hold their own worries, but live their peaceful daily lives while writing novels, playing video games, drinking alcohol, and filing their tax returns.

Itsuki’s younger brother Chihiro watches over Itsuki and his friends. However, Chihiro has a big secret...

It’s time to start this youthful romantic comedy filled with geniuses, normal people, and weirdos that will make you laugh and touch your heart!