A Wind Named Amnesia

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    nothing special. classic story from the 80s though
    well im not the best at writing out reviews but this has all of the awesome 80 vibes and weird philosophical wondering about man-kind in a post apocalyptic world. it follows a young male around the age 0f 16 named wataru and some mystery woman (on the cover) as they travel from city to city seeing mankind after the world has had amnesia. overall i give it a 4/5 stars since the ending leaves for ...
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  • Slow, but interesting
    This is a slow, old school story from the 80s with good art. Its an interesting ride, but the pacing will throw some people off. Amnesia probably would've done better as a short TV series.

    It's worth at least one watch.

    (Also, PG-13 rating for sci-fi violence and a non-trashy, artfully-done naked scene)
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  • Great classic anime.
    This early anime is a great watch if you've never seen it before. The animation and art style is definitely dated, but don't let that stop you. All the characters have an interesting depth and development. The story is really good, though pretty predictable at times, and the world they create is believable enough to not require too much suspension of disbelief.
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  • This brings back memories
    Such a nostalgic throwback. Though I didn't quite understand it as a kid, but watching it now lets me appreciate its story even more. It might not good for those use to modern animation, but its a great watch for those who want a something different.
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