Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

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  • NGNL Except the magic makes sense
    The MC is honestly a badass and it gets to the point where you don't even wonder if he will win, but how. Similar feeling to the one that shows like NGNL or Code Geass give you.

    Although the first episode makes it seem like its gonna turn into a harem shitshow, the show itself seems more like an inversion on that trope, if anything.

    Just give it a chance and you'll probably enjoy it.
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  • A Wonderful Anti-Hero Emerges
    The first episode took a risk. However, this risk pays off when you come to love the main character who seemed too cocky to survive. His avant-garde techniques are honestly refreshing to see, and I wish I had teachers/professors like that in my classes. My one issue in this show is the fetishwear that passes for female school uniforms.
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  • Starts out strong but...
    I've stopped watching after ep. 9... The show starts off strong and doesn't disappoint in the first few episodes. It quickly started to drop off being entertaining and I cannot bring myself to continue to episode 10. Trying to keep it spoiler free, so i won't say more than "I didn't care about 75% of the characters".
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  • Magic, cute girls, friendship
    If you like powerful lead characters with a mysterious past that chick are gonna like and some supporting characters that range from helpful to useless, then you'll like Akashic Records of the Bastard Instructor. All in all not a bad anime, but it really doesnt bring anything new to the genre. Cool fight sequences and some nice animation help. I would barely give this a recommendation
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  • Always watch more than the first episode.
    Seemed kind of weird an strange at first, but once you get into the second episode the series really begins to shine. Don't get me wrong though, the first episode is still really good in my opinion, it's just that after the first episode you get to see more than just chaos.
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  • Hit, hit, hit, yet something is missing ...
    This pretty much sums up this show for me. Overall a very good action based anime. More in the terms of a strong guardian type protagonist with a mysterious past watching over a younger generation (equally strong in their own right).

    This show checks off many of the boxes i expect in a show like this. Plentiful scenarios where the main protagonist gets to display his strength (I really ...
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  • An actually satisfying suspense/romance/action.
    The action was realistic, i felt the characters where much less invincible in this show than in any other, the fights had me on edge because every single one you didnt know who would win, the bad guys feel like actually bad people and not just clay dolls with no emotions. its freaky and amazing when they have cult like crazy personalities.

    i loved the seriousness they emphasized on killing, ...
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  • Don't let the first episode fool you!
    Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor is most definitely not a series you should overlook if you are a fan of fantasy/action anime. While the first episode is cringe worthy at best and paints each of the characters as annoying, uninteresting or straight up boring. Do not take this at face value! The quality of the story and characters takes a drastic 190 degree turn by episode 2. The ...
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  • Watch the second episode!
    The first episode didn't really grab my attention much, but other reviews said to keep watching. It got wayyy better. If I could I would rate is a 4.5. It kind of reminds me of blue exorcist a bit.
    I can see though how others might feel that there isn't much direction. The second half of the season kind of left me a little confused as to what the big picture was, but it was still good enough for ...
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  • 3 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
    Great ingredients, but mediocre taste
    This show is a roller-coaster ride. By that, I mean it takes you on a ride full of bumps, turns, climbs, drops and loud noises, but you don't really end up in a different place than where you started. None of the major plot elements are resolved, nor do they even progress much during the entire season, in favor of lazy melodrama and trope after trope that most of us have seen before.

    One of ...
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