Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

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  • Goofy and serious, keep watching
    I saw a clip of this show on my facebook feed, it happened to be on episode 2 and I thought "This show is right up my alley with the antics of Glenn Radar."

    I watched the first episode, it was okay. But then I decided that I would keep going because it just had this goofy feel. Yes, the girls are in lewd like clothing(some would argue this) but I enjoyed it for the 12 episodes it was for. I ...
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  • Good from the start!
    I personally think this anime was good from the start because at first you think the guy is really cheesy and your typical dead beat but he eventually turns out to be a really cool guy with a good sense of humor. You tend to realize this mostly with the characters so it gives you a good understanding on how they would feel. That is the main reason why i kept through to the end and cant wait for ...
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  • Decent modiocre series with stellar art and style
    I love mediocre ecchi so my opinion is a bit biased.
    The opening song has fantastic art and style, I learned quite a bit from it. The main character is fun to watch go on dumb escapades with a dark past and hidden power. The ecchi is distinct and few in between, which is preferred.
    The way they left off hints a second season so I'm definitely going to watch season 2.
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  • Fun show to watch but plot and character development is lacking
    I recommend watching this show, but it is an underdeveloped show. Really sad. A few weeks of extra time and they could've polished this show.

    I really enjoyed this show but it really felt like a lot of the characters and their relationships weren't fully developed. The first 3 episodes are great, the next 6 are good and the last 3 are very lackluster. The world is great, the characters are ...
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  • Pretty Average Anime
    Nothing special. Okay writing. Okay action scenes. Nice character development. Pretty average anime. Would recommend for to pass some time by. I did like the main character tho. The main character is pretty funny and has that hey I am a goof ball but can get things done when I am needed.
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  • Bland Anime, had great potential
    This anime has such a clever spin on a main character, but ended up falling really flat with characters, plot, etc. Starts off slow, and rushes through the ending. The only reason why I finished it was for hoping that the plot would get better, only to be sorely disappointed. Kudos to those that liked it, but to me, it was bland and a waste of time.
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  • It's Not Bad But Not Great Either.
    Except for the girls school uniforms which are quite sexy theirs nothing a whole lot new to see here pretty clique all around usual tropes and characters and situations I've seen this many times but I have to admit that it was presented pretty well and I would mildly recommend it does have a bit of teaser fan service. I give a solid 3 here and a about a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale.
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  • Starts out good and gets really good
    The first episode is funny and caught my attention but it's obvious that it lacks depth. Not to worry. Each successive episode quickly fills in more and more backstory for this enigmatic new teacher that reveals he is not at all what he appears. What starts out as distrust and disdain between teacher and students transforms into a tight-knit group that takes on all comers: student and non-student ...
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  • A typical most of anime
    The story, everything is just a typical common most of ecchi, harem, romance, action things and it don't have the things that stand out or things to be different from. Well at least every season have one of this show
    It still fun to watch if you never get bored with this kind of show especially if you love ecchi harem with action things. Still recommended to ecchi harem action fans
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    First and last episodes feel flat. Watch this for the middle!
    Like my review title says, the first episode feels very flat. Although depth starts creeping in towards the end of the first episode. And the last episode also felt like a copy of some other lower budget anime with C list writers.

    But the middle episodes have real plot and character depth in them. Even when the characters act in a stereotyped manner, it still manages to feel like they're ...
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