Ange Vierge

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One day, out of the blue, the five worlds were linked together.

Our blue world, Earth.

The black world, ruled by night and magic, Darknes Embrace.

The red world, protected by prayer and by the gods: Tera Rubily Aurora.

The white world, managed by science and computers: System White Egma.

The green world, governed by weapons and armies: Glynnesert.

Angels, demons, fairies, witches, goddesses.

What were once just characters in fantasy stories were now real.

Meanwhile, in each of the worlds, there was an emergence of girls possessing special "Exceed" abilities. The girls would come to be known as the Progress, and they were gathered at the massive Seiran Academy.

There, the girls would meet.

They establish a bond, and they confront the common enemy threatening all five worlds, Ouroboros.

The world is on the verge of doom. Only the Progress can save it.