FEATURE: PreCure Pretty Store in Tokyo Photo Report

The first permanent PreCure official store in Tokyo

PreCure Pretty Store, the first permanent official store dedicated to the popular anime series PreCure/Pretty Cure, opened at the Tokyo Character Street next to the Tokyo JR railway hub on July 15 this year. A small Toei character shop featuring PreCure (and Kamen Rider) has been existed at Toei Uzumasa Eiga-mura (Toei Kyoto Studio Park) in Kyoto, but this is the first independent and PreCure-exclusive store in Japan.


I had an opportunity to visit the store in Tokyo. The store owner was kind enough to allow me to take some photos inside the store. Most of the items they are selling are related to Suite PreCure, the latest TV series. It may be disappointed for the fans of the old series?  But still, their selection are huge and gorgeous. Now you can understand how much money Japanese parents have to spend for their kids every year and why the PreCure series have been so successful in Japan.


PreCure Pretty Store


Store sign


Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm welcome you.


 "Cure Doll"


"Funwari Cure Friends" dolls


Narikiri Charareet Kids (Cure Beat's Costume for kids)


Baseball caps




Towels, washbowls, bath chairs




Round fans




Fashion glasses


Nail polish






Coloring books


Various stationery


Various eating utensils




 Toy money


© Toei Animation/ABC

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