FEATURE: Newest Japanese Independent Anime Shorts: Part 1

Find a future great anime director!

We Japanese can watch a tremendous number of the newest anime episodes by the professionals on TV every week. On the other hand, many young independent animators are posting their own original works enthusiastically on the net. Some do just for fun, some do for the dream of becoming a professional someday. The quality of their works varies, but their passion is real without doubt.


These are the five anime shorts (1~5 minutes) I have found and thought interesting recently. Maybe you can find a future great anime director among them. Please send them your feedback, if possible. That's what they need the most. Which one is your most favorite?


"Jyohanshin wa Urusai (Shut up, upper body!)" 

     (posted on September 16, 2011)

Story by Cool

Animation by Kuroki

Subtitles by Sorako



     (posted on September 16, 2011)

Animation& Music by Hechima


"Chikyu Boei Shojyo (Earth Defence Girl): LOVERS ON THE ORBIT - Trailer" 

     (posted on September 25, 2011)

Created by SIGNALS Animations


"Hakusen no Sukima (The Gap Between the Whitelines)"

     (posted on September 29, 2011)

Created by KaT


"Kokoro Haitatsubin (Heart Delivery Service)"

     (posted on September 30, 2011)

Created by the female students at the animation course of Kobe Design University

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