FEATURE: Newest Japanese Independent Anime Shorts: Part 3

FLASH, CG, Live footage composition

Following the part 1 in October and the part 2 in November, now we present you the third collection of Japanese Independent Anime/CG short films. This time their expression technique vary from Flash to live footage composition. The last one "SHIBAINU" is technically a VFX film, not anime. But it is cool enough to add to this collection for you. Please let the creators know what you think.



    animation: Ayumu Ishii (Takarazuka University Tokyo School of Media Content)


"Hotondo Wakaranai (Almost Incomprehensible)"

        animation: Yasuaki Adachi



      animation: Tomoaki Akagawa



     animation: sonowk


"SHIBAINU" (VFX Short Film )

         by Yasuaki Hamaguchi

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