FEATURE: Japanese Junior High Student's Otaku Room Video Report

Surrounding by the anime posters, sleeping with the anime character pillow

A Japanese person named "Shinkaisoku" has posted a 9 minutes video on YouTube to introduce his "Itabeya (痛部屋)" room filled with a huge amount of otaku goods. He claims that he is a third-year student in a junior high school (probably 14-15 year old). He had no interest in anime, manga, figure, and anything otaku-related until seven months ago, but has spent more than 250,000 yen (approximately US$3,252) for the hobby since then. There is no explanation how he, just a 14-15 year old kid, was able to earn such a large amount of money. Do you want to live in a room like his? Is this your dream otaku room?


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