FEATURE: Newest PreCure Photo Session in Tokyo Station

Pretty store also turns to the all Smile PreCure edition

Only three hours after the broadcast of the first episode of Smile PreCure! in Japan on February 5, the real Cure Happy, one of the new PreCure girls of the series, appeared at Pretty Store in JR Tokyo station for the free photo session with the fans. Smile PreCure! is the newest and ninth TV anime series of Toei Animation's popular PreCure series. As previously reported, Pretty Store is the official PreCure goods shop in Tokyo Character Street of JR Tokyo station.


Obviously the place was too small for her popularity. Everyone wanted to see the newest PreCure in reality!


Pretty Store before the event


Here Cure Happy comes!


And as of yesterday, Pretty Store has turned to all Smile PreCure! edition from the previous series Suite PreCure!


Cure Happy stand POP

Cure Peace stand POP


Cure Sunny stand POP



Giant Candy Plushie

Cure Doll (Cure Happy)

Cure Doll  (Cure Peace)

Cure Doll (Cure Sunny)

Narikiri Charareet Kids (PreCure costumes for kids)

Sketch books and puzzles

Pretty Store limited badges and key chains

Cookie and chocolate

Various toys

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