FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Guys with Glasses Edition

The long-awaited sequel--fanart for people who like their MEN legally blind

Fanart Friday returns, making good on its promises. Last week, we got ready for The Avengers with a merry Marvel edition, but this week, we're following up April's insanely popular Girls with Glasses Edition with the much-awaited sequel!


In anime and games, there's some difference between girls with glasses and guys with glasses. Bespectacled girls can have a variety of character traits, from mousey to fiery, but when a male anime character has glasses, he's often of the cool, intelligent type--but not always!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by 稲場冬樹

In my book, Negi's not particularly cool or intellectual, but at least he gets the job done. He's pretty utilitarian for a shounen hero. He doesn't do anything fancy--he just loads up his magic gun and shoots the bad guy in the face.



by philadelphia13

When Tezuka's not busy causing Extinction Level Events, he does a great job keeping the fangirls happy with his uber-tennis.



by tome

Clark Kent's glasses may only be for show, but as a lifelong glasses-wearer myself, I can attest to how different a person looks without their extra set of eyes. Add a spit-curl, some spandex and a cape for even more "disguising" effects!



by テトラ

Citan hurt me in Xenogears. I trusted him! I mean, he didn't turn out to be an actual bad guy per se, but he was making Fei dance to his tune for, oh... pretty much the entire first disc.



by Rickar

Guile only somewhat counts with his shades, but Charlie wore glasses regularly. In a really cool detail, he'd always take them off before matches in the Street Fighter Alpha series.



by のだま

Benny is the mad genius keeping the crew of the Black Lagoon alive. I don't mean that in a "he helps during combat" way, because he's pretty useless--no, without him actually getting them jobs, they'd all starve!



by にゃなみ

Doesn't Dr. Tofu look so trustworthy? Like he's such a good doctor who would never harm a patient? Well, he is... at least until Kasumi Tendo enters the room.



by 希実

How many times has Host Club's Kyouya shown up on Fanart Friday? It's kinda sad, since I'm more of a Tamaki fan...



by 96☆

Barnaby!  BARNABY! Learn from Charlie's example up there: take your glasses off before a fight! Glasses are expensive, man!



by バッハー

Yes, Otacon--love can bloom on a battlefield. You're just doomed to have terrible luck every single time you care about somebody.



by tealgeezus

Yeah, I get the feeling Watanuki would pull this kind of thing when Yuko wasn't around. When you have an employer who's that crazy, it wouldn't surprise me at all if her employees went off the deep end too.



by HSG(梯子)

Was I alone in completely trusting Aizen during Bleach's Soul Society arc? He just seemed so, so... nice! I think it's an unwritten rule: Glasses Aizen is a good guy, no matter what, even during the flashback arc where something just seemed off about him.



by 悠太@修行中

I thought Hetalia was bonkers when it just focused on European countries... and then America joins the mix. Oh, America, you so crazy.



by CAUSE(‘ω‘)ノシ

Ever notice how CLAMP fanart has just as much of the "trippy imagery + tons of feathers" combination as actual CLAMP art? Still, Yukito's pretty awesome, no matter which version of him it is.



by Bittercarrot

If I really wanted to be mean, I'd have posted a pic of Maes Hughes and his daughter. But no, I am not a total monster. Fullmetal Alchemist is really good at hitting you where it hurts, though.



by 柩龍汰

Conan is perplexed by the mystery of why he appears so rarely on Fanart Friday. The answer is simple: much like Gundam or One Piece, I'm hard-pressed not to just drown every Fanart Friday in art of the series I like. We go for variety here!


by るしなん

When asked what fantasy powers people wish they had, you always get the same answers: flight, or super-strength, or being able to read minds... I'd just be happy if I could make my glasses glow like Gendou's. It also helps that he can make something as silly as Cossack dancing look so... evil.


And that's it for this week, folks--next time, it's double the trouble as we focus on twins! They're a lot more common in anime, manga, games and comics than you think, so be sure to swing by next week!


As always, your own art is welcome here, so feel free to send over your fanart and I'll work it into future installments. Thanks for checking out Fanart Friday, and have a great weekend!

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