Japan Flavor Report: Milk Cream Chopper Bun

"One Piece" no-niku-man appears at 7-Eleven

Of course I noticed the wall of One Piece Film Z merch as I walked into 7-Eleven the other day, but that did not prepare me for the pink pouches steaming in with the normal pork, cheese, etc buns. I can't be sure whether I pounced on the Chopper-man or the Chopper-man pounced at me, but the attack was brutal.



Made with the image of Chopper's hat in mind, the eye-catching dough encases "milk cream" made with milk from Hokkaido, Japan's poster location for happy cows. 


Unfortunately just adding a coat of Hokkaido charm could not save this filling from being pretty…yucky:



The texture and appearance can be described in any number of unsavory ways, but I'm gonna go with hair conditioner + hand lotion. It's more like pudding or custard than what you would normally think of as cream. That wouldn't matter except that despite all the milky intentions the flavor is not so rich. For 90 yen (about US $1.13) in a convenience store it continues to be foolish to expect luxury, but I ate half to write this post and did not feel ingesting the other 108 calories or so would be worth it. 



Yes, I drew the face on in post-production. 


Sorry Chopper! 

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