FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Darkstalkers' Damnation Edition

Celebrate the return of Capcom's Night Warriors with fanart from the entire series!

Fanart Friday returns, about ready to break its arcade stick in half thanks to some of Darkstalkers Resurrection's Challenges. FOR REAL, WHO THE HELL CAN NATURALLY DO ↓→……↘KK, IT IS SUCH A SIMPLE INPUT BUT IT'S LIKE THE DAMN RAGING STORM OR SOMETHING AARGH. Last week, we took a look at our favorite video game mascots who represent our favorite franchises and consoles, but this time, well... you'll have to indulge me a little.



See, Darkstalkers has made a return to consoles after a very long hiatus, and with the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, I think it's time to take a trip down memory lane. Capcom took a serious departure from the wandering martial artists of Street Fighter to bring us a crazy cast of monsters and demons, some of whom have retained their popularity long after their games all but vanished. Really, the toughest part of this whole thing was finding work that didn't appear in the awesome Darkstalkers Tribute artbook!


So insert your coins, fire up your arcade sticks, and let's get started!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by 小豆長光

Sasquatch may not be as popular as, say... Morrigan or Lilith, but he'll always be one of my all-time favorites. Did you know that in Japan, there were two mobile-only games starring Sasquatch, the Sasquatch Go Home series?



by eldeivi

The artist of this piece actually does have work in Darkstalkers Tribute... just not this particular one. Believe it or not, it's pretty hard to find fanart of Lord Raptor, for some psychotic reason. Seriously, he's a British rocker zombie who demolishes his enemies with righteous chops--what's not to like?



by 脳みそ

Morrigan has regularly represented the Darkstalkers series in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, but she's also been joined by Felicia and Hsien-ko in later titles...



by HK1

...and Anakaris, the series' resident mummy. I don't think this guy gets enough love--he has an awesome, standout design, and he's a very unconventional character. One of the cooler things (game-wise) about Anakaris is that his long, floaty jumps allow him to stay airborne, while still attacking at ground level.



by gMork

But if we're talking "characters who don't get enough love," Jon Talbain tops the list! What part of "nunchaku-wielding kung-fu werewolf" does not sound like an awesome character for any crossover game?



by ぱにぱに

Q-Bee is one of the new additions in Darkstalkers 3 (also known as Vampire Savior and Darkstalkers: Jedah's Damnation). She kinda breaks the mold for the series--with a succubus, a vampire, an artificial Frankenstein-like monster, a mummy, and a merman, there has to be room for, uh... a bee... girl. Thing.



by お絵太郎

Hsien-ko makes another appearance, this time alongside nose-picking, pile-driving Frankenstein-alike Victor von Gerdenheim and Bishamon, the possessed suit of samurai armor. Say what you will about Capcom fighters, but in the '90s they certainly weren't lacking in originality and style.



by 竹身/713

Darkstalkers keeps a pretty small cast overall, but I don't know of anybody who's seriously missed Rikuo. He always seemed kind of like a typically boring hero-type, y'know?



by OKJ

I mean, it makes sense that Morrigan is the boobs face, FACE of the series. She's one of the most memorable and recognizable characters in the entire roster! Strangely, she's also the game's most blatant Ryu clone...



by イチゼン

Okay, real talk: what is sexy about cats? Cats are vicious, adorable, conniving little bastards who wake you up for the hell of it and "show their love" by clawing the shit out of kneading you. I mean, I get that they love you, but this is the kind of love that gets its own Lifetime Original Movie and ends with a restraining order. So in short, Felicia's awesome, but catgirls aren't exactly sexy to me... because cats.



Just out of personal curiosity, why do Capcom characters so regularly have different names overseas? Hsien-ko (AKA Lei-Lei, AKA Always Bottom Tier No Matter What) is still everybody's favorite jiang-si/Chinese ghost, and I love how she has the famous "hopping" motion for her standard walk animation.


by キチロク

B.B. Hood is another case of a character with another name like she's a member of the Wu-Tang Clan--she's known as Bulleta in Japan. She's also bottom-tier, but that's unrelated to this conversation--having a tiny Little Red Riding Hood armed with an Uzi and land mines is always good, clean fun.



by ゆたか

The second game--Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge--introduced a new hero in the half-demon monk, Donovan. He's fairly popular, but for some reason he didn't show up again in the third game! Later editions of Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 added him back in, along with...



by shihou

...massive Mayan automaton Huitzil! Originally the penultimate boss of the first game, Huitzil (Phobos in Japan) protects the little kid who found him with overwhelming force. Weird that such a nice guy-robot-thing is treated as the second-in-command to...



by ぐーすー

...Pyron, a terrifying alien from... the planet Hellstorm, whose size surpasses the Milky Way. Right. Original final boss Pyron (and Huitzil) also didn't show up in Darkstalkers 3, which I think had more to do with the introduction of a new lead villain, Jedah, than anything else.



by カイ@万年修羅場脳

No, not Demitri, but the flaming eternally aflame (?) vampire has been a constant antagonist ever since the beginning. Unfortunately, he's never been allowed full-on Big Bad status except for the hilariously terrible American Darkstalkers cartoon that will never be mentioned again.



by カイ@万年修羅場脳

There he is--and from the same artist, no less! Jedah Dohma has found some life beyond Darkstalkers, but mostly in crossover RPGs like Namco X Capcom, Cross Edge, and Project X Zone, where his insanely high power level feels less out-of-place.



by 4suke

A raging battlefield full of demons and freaks is no place for a little girl, but Anita (and her creepy decapitated doll) tag along with Donovan as he fights the forces of the dark. She's also shown up in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo as a hidden character!



by ゴロボッツ

Speaking of little girls... do you have any idea how hard it was finding acceptable Lilith art? It's not that the artists making the pieces lack talent, it's that they lack something else. I LIKE WRITING THIS COLUMN, I don't want some concerned parent group jumping down my throat because Mom came in with Pizza Rolls and saw little Jimmy looking at risque pics of Lilith Aensland.



by がりぼー

HELL YEAH! Too bad none of the games ended like this--B.B. Hood and Jon Talbain teaming up to blow Demitri's castle sky-high! If only...


And on that freakin' awesome note, we're calling it a day! Strangely, I think I actually got every single Darkstalkers character in this Fanart Friday, so I didn't miss anybody! Who are your favorites? I love Morrigan and Felicia, but we've seen a lot of them--which characters do you think deserve more time in the spotlight?


I normally always take your submissions (and I always will!), but next week, we're having a RECAP EPISODE looking back at the last six months! I've checked, my math is correct this time. Your art is always welcome on Fanart Friday regardless of your skill level or experience, so just PM me a link to your work and I'll be sure to include it in a future installment!


Thanks again for checking out Fanart Friday--have a great weekend, and we hope to see you next time!

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