FEATURE: Pretty Store in Tokyo "Dokidoki! PreCure" ver.

Bags, apparel, stationary, dolls, and more PreCure goods!

Toei Animation's long running PreCure/Pretty Cure is no doubt one of the most successful TV anime series in Japan today. Thanks to the great popularity, the series opened its own official permanent character goods store named "PreCure Pretty Store" at the Tokyo Character Street in the JR Tokyo station in July 2011 and it has become the hottest place in the street. The visitors can find almost every items for kids related to each year's PreCure characters. Now the store is featuring the latest series Dokidoki! PreCure which has been broadcasted in Japan since February this year. Let's find your favorite Dokidoki! character's goods!


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*all of the photos were taken by the writer Mikikazu Komatsu with the store's permission


PreCure Allstars poster


Cure Heart character panel


Cure Diamond charcter panel


Sharuru and Candy's big stuffed dolls (not for sale)


Beach bags


Round fans




Hug pillows







Cure Doll (Rosetta, Sword, Heart, Diamond)


Cure Doll (Ace)


Ai-chan doll


Love Heart Arrow & Lovely Income


Cure Heart and Cure Ace's "Funwari Cure Friends" stuffed dolls


Drink bottles


Plates & bowls


Chopsticks, spoons, forks


Sticking plaster & toothbrushes


Kisekae stickers


Pencils & crayons


Stationery set


Memo pad & pocketbook


Mini coloring book & sticker binder




Coloring books



Pretty Store limited goods section

Key holders


Clear files


Marble chocolate & Konpeitou (sugar candy) set


Milk cream cookies


Baked seaweed


© ABC/Toei Animation

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