FEATURE: Hayao Miyazaki-Themed Seattle Art Walk

Held on Jan 10

One expectant Seattle father, David Champeau, gathered some of the city’s local talent for a super swanky Hayao Miyazaki-themed art walk! Local visual artists showcased their Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki themed artwork and local vendors displayed their very best Ghibli-inspired hand-made items. The event was free to the public, who could browse throughout studio while listening to sound imagery provided by Sound Ethic. The turn out was great, and fit right in with Seattle's festival folk culture.


“This is my 1st child and I wanted to do something very special,” says David Champeau of Sound Ethic. “I can’t wait to see the sparkle in his eyes the first time he gets to watch and grow. We made the decision to decorate his room in Miyazaki early on. Someone suggested we should have our friends do artwork for the baby. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to curate a show to give back to the community.”


As for why Hayao Miyazaki in specific, he adds, “I’ve been watching anime as long as I can remember and Miyazaki has always been a favorite. It’s simple really, he looks to the innerchild in all of us. I respect and honor him for that. He tells a story like no other. He has helped my heart grow over the years.”




(Photo credit: Rich Schleifer)


(Photo Credit: Aleeza McCant, Art by ENFU)


(Photo Credit: Rich Schleifer, Art by ENFU)


(Photo and Art by Rich Schleifer)


Coloring Sheets for the Children (Photo Credit: Rich Schleifer)


Sushi Shirts XD 


Nice Rice


Aleeza McCant of Sushi Shirts XD's art piece.


Laura Cameron and her art piece http://www.lauracameron.net “I haven't done some fan work in a while, so it was really fun!”


Rhodora Jacob 


Vikram Madan


Andrew Miller


Eli Wolff


Ro Higashi

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