FEATURE: Upcoming Anime and Manga Live-Action Film Flyer Collection

Space Brothers, Vanguard, PreCure, Dragon Ball Z, and more!

As always, I was able to find some flyers for the upcoming anime films and live-action film adaptations of popular manga series, which are mainly scheduled to be released in Japan in the second half of 2014, at my nearest cinema complex (Toho Cinemas Kochi) yesterday. It's a bit of surprising that the theater already had the one for the 2015 Dragon Ball Z film, which was officially announced on Friday. Which film do you want to see the most?



"Stand by Me Doraemon" (August 8)



"Space Brothers #0" (August 9)



"Initial D Legend 1 -Kakusei-" (August 23)



"Cardfight!! Vanguard Neon Messiah/A Game of Three" (September 13)



"Happinesscharge PreCure! Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerina" (October 11)



"Youkai Watch Tanjyou no Himitsudanyan!" (December 20)



"Dragon Ball Z" (Golden Week in 2015)



"Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends" (August 1/September 13)

 -based on the manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki



"Hot Road" (August 16)

 - based on the manga by Taku Tsumugi



"Lupin The Third" (August 30)

 -based on the manga by Monkey Punch



"Tokyo Tribe" (August 30)

 -based on the manga by Santa Inoue



"Parasyte" (November 29)

 - based on the manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki




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