FEATURE: World's Largest Evangelion Unit-01 Statue in Ashigara

Time-limited collaboration event will be held till December 23

EXPASA Ashigara SA on the Tomei Expressway, which is located in Koyama-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, has been hosting a time-limited collaboration event with the mega hit anime series Evangelion from July 17 to December 23, and has already attracted 2 million visitors. Its main feature is a 6 meter-tall "World's Largest" statue of Evangelion Unit-01. 


On my way home from Tokyo on Monday, the highway bus unexpectedly stopped at the SA (service area) at around 23:00. Though the event also has an Eva-themed restaurant and shop, they were already closed so I couldn't check the inside. Fortunately, the area displaying the giant Eva 01 statue was still open, so I took as many photos as possible in the 10-minute stoppage time.


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu on October 5.



EXPASA Ashigara SA



The restaurant and shop were already closed.



Life-size Rei statue, about 3 meter-long Lance of Longinus, 2 meter-tall Eva 01 statue, and Eva-01

color Toyota Prius car were displayed outside the main building. 



Entrance to the Eva 01 statue area



World's Largest Eva 01 statue


Event posters





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