FEATURE: "PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!" - Attack of the King Scooper!

The new storytelling project by Mugi Takanka continues in Chapter Two!

Chapter Two of Crunchyroll’s exclusive original “kawaii sci-fi” story telling project PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team! continues this week as we find out exactly what has been ailing shop girl KOTOKO recently…  an evil alien mastermind from beyond space!


In case you are just joining us, PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team! is a collaboration with between Mugi Tanaka and the PARK store in Harajuku and it is exclusive to Crunchyroll! For more information about the project, check out the previous links here on Crunchy News!

Here’s the official synopsis for PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team! 

Several years from now, the great cities of the world will be destroyed by creatures from another planet. Their next target is…Tokyo’s famed Harajuku district! Only a trio of treasure-seeking shop girls can hope to save the day. But first, do they have what it takes to become members of the PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team?


OK so now that we’ve got a new story installment under our belt, it’s time to take a look back at the previous installments of PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team! Chapter Two with the new pages slotted in…


Chapter One official model Rinyo

Stickers from the PARK store in Harajuku, Tokyo 


Chapter Two Shopgirl ktenologics

That’s it for our installment this time, but expect more artwork and story from Mugi Tanaka and the PARK Harajuku gang next week. 

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He is also the writer of HYPERSONIC music clubParanoia Girls, & PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!

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