FEATURE: Revisit "KIZNAIVER" with Translated PASH! Interviews & Articles - Part 2

Continue the series' deep dive with the February and March 2016 editions

Yesterday we posted more of the PASH! articles that went behind the scenes of KIZNAIVER with interviews and more. It's time to close things out today with the February and March 2016 editions!




February 2016


Kizna Timeline
No. 3 in the series

Chidori Tenga Nico Cast Information Is Here!!

The second wave of cast information from “Kiznaiver,” the original anime that everyone is waiting for, arrives at last! Along with powerful color visuals, we’re bringing you comments from Takashiro Chidori’s voice actor Yuka Terasaki, Tenga Hajime’s voice actor Tomoaki Maeno, and Niyama Nico’s voice actor Misaki Kuno, as well as the director Hiroshi Kobayashi★

Tenga Hajime
Tomoaki Maeno
“I'll make sure these guys never come near you again.”

Takashiro Chidori
Yuka Terasaki
”Have you been keeping something dark locked inside your heart lately, Kacchon?”

Niyama Nico
Misaki Kuno
“It's an altar to summon the fairies! Come, come, come♪”

The Kiznaivers’ summer, portrayed by Tomoaki Maeno
New cast information has been announced about “Kiznaiver,” the new anime everyone is increasingly excited about. Katsuhira’s childhood friend Takashiro Chidori is voiced by Yuka Terasaki, the tough-looking but big-hearted Tenga Hajime is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno, and the highly eccentric Niyama Nico is voiced by Misaki Kuno. Of the eight main characters, these three are the most lively and cheerful. There must be lots of people looking forward to seeing what sort of mayhem they’ll bring to the story! New color artwork has been revealed as well. What will summer be like for the Kiznaivers...? And of course, the remaining three main characters are slated to be revealed in next month’s issue. Enjoy these new illustrations made exclusively for PASH and don’t miss next month’s issue!

HP: http://kiznaiver.jp/ Twitter: @kiznaiver
©TRIGGER - Mari Okada / KIZNAIVER Production Committee
STAFF: Original Work = TRIGGER & Mari Okada, Director = Hiroshi Kobayashi, Series Composition & Screenplay = Mari Okada, Original Character Designs = Shirow Miwa, Character Designs = Mai Yoneyama, Art Director = Masanobu Nomura (Misaki), Color Designer = Osamu Mikasa, Director of Photography = Hitoshi Tamura & Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto (Graphinica), Editor = Hiroshi Okuda, Music = Yuki Hayashi, Sound Director = Toshiki Kameyama, Sound Effects = Hiromune Kurahashi, Animation Production = TRIGGER
CAST: Agata Katsuhira = Yuki Kaji, Sonozaki Noriko = Hibiku Yamamura, Takashiro Chidori = Yuka Terasaki, Tenga Hajime = Tomoaki Maeno, Niyama Nico = Misaki Kuno

Artwork by: Tetsuya Hasegawa Finished by: Noriko Komada Background: Misaki Effects: Saya Utsumi (Graphinica)

Q1. What was your impression of the series after reading the script?
Q2. How do you envision your character?
Q3. How do you hope to portray your character?
Q4. Tell us about the after-recording!

Takashiro Chidori
CV Yuka Terasaki
Annoyingly Self-righteous

Katsuhira’s childhood friend. Has the personality of a class president and is good at looking out for others, but also tends to be seen as meddling. She’s always worrying about Katsuhira.

Voice of Takashiro Chidori: Yuka Terasaki CAST COMMENT
A1. I thought it was a script with a lot of mystery to it, and felt excited to see what kinds of secrets would come to light over time. Also, it was difficult to comprehend... I think this script took me longer to read than any series I’ve ever worked on.

A2. She’s a character who has so much power, I had to wonder where in that tiny, lively body it was coming from. I think she’s probably the most up-front of all the characters. She doesn’t quite look at things the way other people do, and she can be a bit absent-minded, but she’s a very powerful and straightforward girl.

A3. Between crying, laughing, and yelling, she’s a very busy girl, and with her expressions changing all the time, her face always looks busy too (laughs). I hope to play her in a fun and comical way while keeping in mind the way her emotions can instantly change like some kind of park attraction. I hope her straightforwardness will connect to her “Annoyingly Self-righteous” title!

A4. Chidori really is a very busy girl to portray! Sometimes I can’t even keep up with her (laughs). Before I started playing her, I thought she seemed like the overly smart class president type who talked too much, but after I finished her scenes with directions like “More! More! Bring it out more!”, she turned out to be more silly and reckless, and a little bit crazy (laughs). The lines I had read in my audition come out completely differently in the flow of the series since we’ve actually started recording, so I’m making all kinds of new discoveries about her as I act her out! It’s a lot of fun♪

Tenga Hajime
CV Tomoaki Maeno
Musclehead Thug
The type to act before thinking. His physique is strong and he’s a good fighter with coarse speech, but he’s also honest and cares about his friends.

Voice of Tenga Hajime: Tomoaki Maeno CAST COMMENT
A1. The theme of “sharing wounds through a bond” seemed really novel and interesting to me.

A2. I like how he’s very passionate and physically strong, but he has a lot of surprising characteristics in contrast to that.

A3. I’m hoping I’ll be able to naturally express his wild side that acts before thinking.

A4. I tested out several plans that I had come up with in advance, and figured out which direction to take them through consultations with the staff. Tenga is a character who always expresses his emotions in a big way, so I always try to keep that in mind while recording for him. I’m excited to see what happens from here.

Niyama Nico
CV Misaki Kuno
Eccentric Headcase
An extremely eccentric girl who communicates with fairies and says very random things out of the blue. She’s highly expressive, and her personality and fashion sense are very unique.

Voice of Niyama Nico: Misaki Kuno CAST COMMENT
A1. I thought, what must it be like to share one another’s pain...? Would it be physical pain, or emotional? It just seemed wrapped in mystery to me. It sounded a little scary, but I also picked up a feeling of warmth from the “kizuna (bonds)” referenced in the title.

A2. Nico is an eccentric girl. She’s a very unique kid whose words, behavior, and fashion sense go far beyond what the people around her would imagine. I can’t give too many details yet... but Nico has lots of other charming qualities besides being eccentric.

A3. Nico has the nickname “Eccentric Headcase,” though I’m personally reluctant to describe her that way. But I’m sure there are a lot of people who have experienced times when they’ve become emotionally unstable. So I hope to portray that side of her very carefully while also bringing out her human qualities.

A4. I was so nervous during the after-recording for the first episode... All the characters in the show are very unique individuals, but since there was a solid core running between all the cast members, I was able to become Nico naturally. All of our dialog worked together as the story progressed, so the tempo felt very comfortable. As for my performance of Nico, I was told that it was okay to “act” more, so I let a lot of things go and just dive in when I’m portraying her.

STAFF COMMENT (by Hiroshi Kobayashi)
About Chidori: She’s like a girl who has every ideal quality that boys look for. She’s a childhood friend, she’s good at taking care of others, she can cook and do housework... and on top of all that, she’s in love with the protagonist, so I think she’ll win the hearts of guys. In terms of the casting, she is one of two main heroines, so I asked Terasaki-san to take the role because I thought her cheerful image would make a good contrast to Sonozaki’s voice.

About Tenga: He’s a character that the words “rough” and “dumb” fit perfectly. The series writer, Mari Okada-san, has also said “he plays the role of everyone’s mother.” I asked Maeno-san to take the role with the hope of seeing how high he could make the character’s power meter rise. We will be showing throughout the series that Tenga is not just a complete idiot, but he has his delicate side as well, so I hope you’ll see that gradually coming through.

About Nico: If Tenga is the trickster of the boys, it’s Nico who fills that role for the girls. She is very bizarre, but she’s a nice girl. At heart, she seems to be the character with the most fortitude, and she gives the impression of being the most good-natured. I always felt that her voice should be very unique, and a normal voice just wouldn’t do for her, so Kuno-san fit that image perfectly.

Color Artwork Revealed!
←In addition to the characters, new artwork from the series has been revealed. What sort of story will play out around the main characters in the city of Sugomori, built on this reclaimed land?

* * * * *
March 2016

Kizna Timeline
No. 4 in the series

The colorful youth drama “KIZNAIVER” brought to you by TRIGGERxMari Okada is set to start in April! This time, we’ll be sharing comments from the newly announced cast, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Yuta Tsuguhito, Rina Sato as Maki Honoka, and Kotaro Nishiyama as Hisomu Yoshiharu, as well as Director Hiroshi Kobayashi♪And we’ll be giving you the brand new information on the OP and ED artists!

On-Air Time Decided! Finally Starting in April, 2016!

The main cast and OP & ED Artists have been gathered!!

“I think... I found it.”
HIsomu Yoshiharu

Kotaro Nishiyama

“Yes, I’m Yuta-kun♪”
Yuta Tsuguhito

Nobunaga Shimazaki

“I decline the offer. I think I'd catch various things just by being around you, so I'd rather not.”
Maki Honoka

Rina Sato

3 cool and mysterious cast members revealed! 

Ever since the information on the series was revealed in the November 2015 issue of PASH!, the excitement for the TV anime, “KIZNAIVER” has been on the rise, and its broadcast start has been decided for April 2016.

Also, we’ve revealed the information on the final 3 cast members. The honor student that’s popular with girls, Yuta Tsuguhito, will be played by Nobunaga Shimazaki. The quiet girl who like to read, Maki Honoka, will be played by Rina Sato. The beautiful young man surrounded in mystery, Hisomu Yoshiharu, will be played by Kotaro Nishiama. All three seem to be cool, beautiful, and shrouded in mystery, but what secrets do they hide inside?

In addition, in next month’s issue, all of the original illustrations that were done for PASH! will become a beautiful poster! Please look forward to it!

OP and ED Aritsts Revealed!!
Here is the information on the 2 groups that will be doing the theme songs for the show! Look forward to the actual songs♪

A rock band that debuted under a Belgium label in 1997 composed of Masayuki Nakano and Michyuki Kawashima. In February of 2015, they released their 9th album, “SHINE LIKE A BILLION SUNS” which was heralded as their best release yet.

ED: Sangatsu no Phantasia
A creator project that has the vocalist, Mia, who dreams about a story of the beginning and the end as its center. The illustrator Natsu Asami, and composers Sukoppu, Nabuna, 40mP, and buzzG also participate.

ON AIR: Set to air April 2016
HP: http://kiznaiver.jp/ Twitter: @kiznaiver
©TRIGGER - Mari Okada / KIZNAIVER Production Committee
STAFF: Original Work = TRIGGER & Mari Okada, Director = Hiroshi Kobayashi, Series Composition & Screenplay = Mari Okada, Original Character Designs = Shirow Miwa, Character Designs = Mai Yoneyama, Art Director = Masanobu Nomura (Misaki), Color Designer = Osamu Mikasa, Director of Photography = Hitoshi Tamura & Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto (Graphinica), Editor = Hiroshi Okuda, Music = Yuki Hayashi, Sound Director = Toshiki Kameyama, Sound Effects = Hiromune Kurahashi, Animation Production = TRIGGER, OP = BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, ED = Sangatsu no Phantasia
CAST: Agata Katsuhira = Yuki Kaji, Sonozaki Noriko = Hibiku Yamamura, Takashiro Chidori = Yuka Terasaki, Tenga Hajime = Tomoaki Maeno, Niyama Nico = Misaki Kuno, Yuta Tsuguhito = Nobunaga Shimazaki, Maki Honoka = Rina Sato, Hisomu Yoshiharu = Kotaro Nishiyama

Extra Info
Episode 1 and 2 screening decided! There’s a chance for you to watch episode 1 and 2 on 3/27 (Sun) before it airs. For more details, check out the official website,http://kiznaiver.jp!!

Artwork by: Tetsuya Hasegawa Finished by: Noriko Komada Background: Misaki Effects: Saya Utsumi (Graphinica)

Q1: What was your impression of the series after reading the script?
Q2: How do you envision your character?
Q3: How do you hope to portray your character?
Q4: Tell us about the after-recording!

Maki Honoka
CV: Rina Sato
She doesn’t like to be around others and is always alone. She’s cool and calm and has a nice body. She doesn’t care much for others and is usually pretty quiet, but has a very sharp tongue.

Voice of Maki Honoka: Rina Sato CAST COMMENT
A1. First off, I was very curious about the title, “KIZNAIVER,” so when I read the script for episode 1, I realized how that came about, but at the same time, something unbelievable happened, so I couldn’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolded. It felt very long having to wait to get each script.

A2. It’s easier alone. It’s better to be alone, and not opening up to anyone else around you and to just believe in yourself. I have a feeling that something happened to Honoka in the past that makes her feel like this now. Because of that, she shuts everyone out. As the story goes on, I find her trying to hide rather charming, and want to know more about her.

A3. She didn’t start off as someone that looks down on others, and something made her how she is now, so I’d like to make sure I bring out the humanity that she’s always had. Because this is an original story, I’d like to get lost and struggle along with her as the story goes along.

A4. At first, I thought she was going to be rather mean, so the fact that she was rather calm and honest was a bit surprising. The staff and I have been making sure the recording sessions with the harsh words go just right. It’s a very peaceful set where I was surprised at how much water Kuno-chan drank, and we all happily eat snacks together. ♪

Yuta Tsuguhito
CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Cunning Normal
He’s a hot honor student that always has girls around him and seems to have it made. He is selfish and calculating and is rather cold to other guys.

Voice of Yuta Tsuguhito: Nobunaga Shimazaki CAST COMMENT
A1. It was very delicate yet outgoing and left a vivid impression on me. I was sucked into the story as soon as I read the script for episode 1, so I couldn’t wait to read the rest of it. The characters were all s original, yet relatable in a way, so I fell in love with them right away. 

A2. Just as his title suggests, he can be cunning and seems to have it made, but he’s not that simple. However, if I go too deep into that right now, it’ll be a spoiler. So for now, if people can look forward too just how human might end up being, it’d make me very happy.

A3. I can’t go into the details about this just yet, but he acts very differently to people depending on who they are. So I’d like to make sure that I bring out all of his various sides, and make him seem even more charming and human.

A4. The script, art, and the acting is amazing every time, so it’s so much fun to be on set. I had some information about him at the audition, so I was able to get into his role with no trouble at all. I think the most memorable thing at recording so far is Mr. Kaji’s “polka dots.”

Hisomu Yoshiharu
CV: Kotaro Nishiyama
He’s full of mysteries, and just by looking at his looks alone, anyone would say that he’s good looking. His many piercings and bandages give him a unique look.

Voice of Hisomu Yoshiharu: Kotaro Nishiyama
A1. I honestly thought it was a lot of fun. The characters are so unique, how the dialogue is put together and how different everyone’s expressions are just by being in the same room. It’s a lot of fun to watch that. I can only look forward to what’s going to happen next.

. I’m sure watching Hisomu will make anyone’s heart pound. Visually, he looks amazing, especially his eyes. Also, you can see “immoral” in his character introduction, and I think that’s his best and most appealing feature. I’m sure his words and actions will make hearts pound.

A3. I think that Hisomu is a very honest person. He doesn’t lie to himself or those around him, and does everything instinctively. (Currently, in the scenario I have for him,) his words have no doubt in them, so I’m hoping I’m able to show that in my acting.

A4. In the footage we received for recording, all of the characters are already filled with expressions. On top of being moved, I thought I couldn’t lose, so I kept looking at Hisomu’s expressions until the day we started recording. Because of that, I can’t get him out of my head (laughs). There will be a lot of memorable scenes in this series. I hope everyone looks forward to it. Thank you very much!

STAFF COMMENT (BY Director Kobayashi)
ABOUT Honoka:
Honoka interally changed two to three times, so it can be said that she was finished last. She has the heaviest personality out of the 8 and the base of her character is different from the others. When we were casting her, we were looking to see if they were good at snarky adlibbing. It hasn’t been done yet, but I’d like to hear her do a tongue-click.

Yuta is a very unique personality. I think he ends up being rather likeable from him being so different on the inside and out (laughs). He’s not just a cool guy, which I think a lot of guys can relate to. When we were imagining his voice, we weren’t going for completely a nice guy’s voice, but a nice guy with a bit of sexiness. He has two sides, so the acting will have to reflect both of those sides effectively.

ABOUT Hisomu:
Actually, even now, there’s a side of him that we haven’t seen. I knew that Katsuhira’s tone when he talked would be low, so I thought that Hisomu’s tone should be higher for when he interacts with Katsuhira. I’ve only seen his outward appearance so far, so all I can tell Mr. Nishiyama is to do his best (laughs).

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