FEATURE: Anime vs. Real Life – “Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid” [Part 2]

Check out the real-world locations of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid!

I’ve got to admit that after a relatively bland first episode, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is slowly starting to turn into my favorite show this season. The show’s likeable cast and the great mix of comedy and surprisingly heartwarming moments are mostly responsible for that, but like I mentioned in my first article about the show, I also adore the excellent art style. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s beautifully painted backgrounds add a lot of realism and charm to the somewhat mundane and bleak-looking Tokyo suburb setting. This makes the setting seem grounded and believable, which stands in stark contrast to the wacky dodgeball-playing dragons roaming that same area – thus also making these comparison shots between the anime and real-world setting a lot more interesting.

*All images were taken with GOOGLE STREET VIEW


After adopting Kanna into the quasi-family, Kobayashi looks for a new apartment after the old one is starting two feel a little cramped, they’re dragons after all. She doesn’t look too far, though, and stays in exactly the same neighborhood as before – in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. Koshigaya is located just a bit north of Tokyo, along the banks of the Motoarakawa River, as seen in the picture above. The bridge in the background is the Shirakobato Bridge. However, all of the apartment buildings she visits (including her old one) seem to be nonexistent in the real world. Judging by the view from their balcony, the new apartment is supposed to be located somewhere along the southern bank of the Motoarakawa River, but the building itself is missing. Also, while episode five revealed that Tohru is apparently capable of faking legal documents, wasn’t getting the apartment a bit too easy for them?




The Koshigaya Twin City shopping mall just outside the east exit of Koshigaya Station seems to be right places to find cute school supplies for Kanna. 




Tohru still doesn’t seem very fond of shopping malls. 




The small pavilion is located along the Motoarakawa River, right next to the Koshigaya Community Center. 





Kanna and Tohru are on their way home from school, passing through a residential area in the east of Koshigaya. They could both just fly home, but I guess the walk home from school is part of the fun of being a student.





That’s the little park where the brutal dodgeball match takes places. It’s not the same park as the one in the second episode, but it’s only located around two minutes away from that one. 





As I mentioned in my last article, Kobayashi's office is located close to Higashi-Nihombashi Station in Tokyo. The building itself does not exist in real life; instead there’s a little restaurant, which is why the building on the right does not match up with the one from the anime.




Back in Koshigaya, Tohru meets Faf-kun Fafnir outside the west exit of Koshigaya Station. They quickly stop by at the apartment, but after Kobayashi makes it clear that she doesn’t need a third dragon living there, they take a lengthy walk around the neighborhood. 





After a walk along the Motoarakawa riverbank, they head over the Shinheiwa Bridge towards Koshigaya Station again, to seek out a realtor’s office and find Fafnir a place to live. 





The extraordinary detail about this picture is not Tohru’s funny walking style, but the bike in the lower right-hand corner. As you can see, it’s actually also there in real life. Google Street View has recordings as far back as 2010 for the area, and the owner has been parking his/her biker there ever since and now it’s even eternalized in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. That’s wicked. 




Saitama Resona Bank Koshigaya Branch in the back.




The building to the right is a realtor’s office, but it’s not the shady one where Kobayashi got her apartment from. 





Kana and Riko are walking through the same residential area in Koshigaya again. 





There really is not a lot to say about these shots, except that they match their real-world counterparts par for par most of the time. 






Finally, next episode we’re treated to the inevitable fanservice episode and the ever-popular Comiket story arc. But more on that next time! Do you recognize the building in the last image? 


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