FEATURE: Bananya Character Poll Results

Which banana cat is the best of the bunch?

Well, folks, the time has come! You've watched banana cats, thought about banana cats, and voted on banana cats—so now it's time to reap the fruits of your labor with the results of the Bananya Character Poll from earlier this month! I daresay is is the most important character poll we here at Crunchyroll have ever conducted, and it's a real pleasure to allow these results to finally see the light of day.


Also, just so you know—you can watch the full version of Bananya's excellent ED on YouTube. Take in some musical potassium by listening as you read through the results!



In the likely event that you were distracted by AXELL's great music, slick dance moves, and awesome outfits, feel free to hit replay at this point as you head into the results! You can never have too many nya's ringing in your ears.


#5. Daddy Bananya



The only bananya on this list you can call "daddy" arrives in fifth place with 33 votes! Although he's lived to a ripe old age, no one can say Daddy Bananya has lost his touch over the years. He's still just ready to adventure and cause mischief as any of his younger companions, even if he sometimes winds up a little to comfy on the eggs in the refrigerator and gives himself a cold.


#4. Bananya



Let's all welcome Bananya's titular bananya, Bananya, to fourth place with his 51 votes! While Bananya seems to fall into the well-known pattern of lead character not quite being the most-beloved in their shows, this chipper lad seems to have found at least a few loyal fans. And those fans are well-deserved for a bananya who fearlessly embarks on grand adventures out of the house to the supermarket and around the neighborhood. Also... the fact that Bananya has been given the name of his entire species makes you wonder, though... even if there's a Daddy Bananya, was Bananya perhaps the first bananya on earth? I guess we'll have to wait for season 2 (please come soon!) to find out.


#3. Babby Bananya



The youthful Baby Bananya places third with 57 votes! Despite some potentially questionable tastes, like banana milk, it's hard not to admire a bananya who falls asleep as quickly as Baby Bananya does. Instant napping abilities like that aren't as easy to come by once you grow up... And, of course, even if Baby Bananya is a little bit green, he's still got a bright future ahead of him. As his youth peels away, we're sure to see a grand little bananya of potential!


#2. Black Bananya



The dapper Black Bananya hails from Europe (France, more specifically, if the flag in his introductory segment is to be believed), and comes in second with 59 votes! It's no surprise that such a cultivated, refined Bananya should place to highly, especially with his excellent taste in bow ties. The contrast between the bright red of his neckwear and the black of his luxurious fur is truly something to be admired—aspired to, even. And with a taste for fine wine, you can bet this fine Bananya would be a great conversationalist, too. That is, when he's not pranking you in the dark!


#1. Long-Haired Bananya



77 votes! Gorgeous long hair! A cool narcissistic personality! It's Long-Haired Bananya, and what a stunner the fans have chosen as the ripest Bananya of them all! It seems that Bananyako isn't the only one whose heart has been won by this truly excellent Bananya; the voters loved him too—despite the fact that he's got the least amount of screentime of any of the Bananyas. But with looks like this, who needs screentime? Not Long-Haired Bananya, it seems! Give him the round of applause he deserved—for his first-place finish and for his beautiful locks!


Of course, we couldn't let you leave without the full results~



Long-Haired Bananya   


Black Bananya


Baby Bananya




Daddy Bananya




Tabby Bananya


Calico Bananya


Mackerel Bananya





And that's the list! Thanks to everyone who voted, and if you're feeling like you need some Bananya in your life, you can watch it right here on Crunchyroll!

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