FEATURE: Anime Japan 2017 Photo Report Part 3: Meet Cure Whip from "Kirakira PreCure a la Mode"

14th PreCure TV series has been well-received by kids

The Family Anime Festa section of this year's Anime Japan was separately set up in the newly opened 8th east hall of Tokyo Big Sight on March 25 and 26. The sister-event of Anime Japan has featured anime series targeting to kids and has offered various attractions such as Play Corner, Workshops, and Family Food Park. As with the last year, it opened only for children at elementary school age (and under) and their guardians.


One of the most popular anime series at the event has been Toei Animation's long-running series PreCure, and Cure Whip from the ongoing 14th TV series Kirakira PreCure a la Mode greeted the visitors in the photo session, then performed the ED song dance on the stage. 


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* all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the permissions from the organizer and exhibitors.



"Family Anime Festa" welcome board




Character Greeting schedule. Cure Whip appeared at 13:30 on March 25


Then she came.


This girl seemed so happy to meet the super heroine she loved.


Her stage started at 16:00. It was packed with the faimily audience.


Cure Whip was surprised that so many people gathered for her stage.


Instead of Cure Whip who couldn't speak directly, the female MC explained the procedure.



Let's dance together!


PreCure franchise's official YouTube channel has posted a creditless clip of the ED song "Let's La Cooking☆Showtime"

sung by Kanako Miyamoto.




The booth of Toei Animation at Anime Japan 2017


"Kirakira PreCure" character standees


Aoi Tategami, Ichika Usami, Himari Arisugawa


Akira Kenjo


Yukari Kotozume




"Itadakimasu Pekolin" stuffed doll


Cure Friends stuffed dolls


PreCode dolls



Character references, background arts


Cure Whip


Cure Custard


Cure Gelato


Cure Macaron


Cure Chocolat




Kira Kira Patisserie


Promotional poster with the VAs' autographs






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