My Hero Academia's Final Exams: Preliminary Report

Today we're analyzing the results for the first half of My Hero Academia's final exams!

Greetings, faculty.

It is undeniable that the students of Class 1-A have demonstrated superb heroic aptitude over this first year. Our annual sports festival was a clear indicator of their dynamic talents - not only did every single member of class 1-A clear the first obstacle, but over half of the class made it into the round of sixteen, and all three winners came from this class’s astonishing roster. Additionally, many 1-A students were forced to demonstrate quick thinking and resourcefulness under life-threatening conditions during the regrettable USJ villain incident. Given that, it is clear that this year’s final exams demand a different caliber of challenge. These challenges will allow our students to both demonstrate their strengths and hopefully overcome their weaknesses, clearly demonstrating whether they’ve risen above their initial limitations. Whether they surpass their weaknesses or learn to respect them, this should provide an illuminating capstone to their first year at U.A. High.


Test 1: Eijiro Kirishima and Rikido Sato versus Cementoss

Kirishima and Sato both rely almost entirely on physical strength, leaving tactical choices to their teammates or the wind. During the school festival, Kirishima was the only one to advance to the round of sixteen, and his short-lived victory was predicated on hitting his opponent until his opponent fell down. By pitting these two against an opponent with an unlimited store of strength-buffering resources, they will be forced to adapt their tactics, either learning to apply their skills to more than just punching forward or be exhausted in the trying.

Result: Student Failure

Kirishima and Sato did
not adjust their strategies, were not able to come up with anything other than punching forward, and were handily defeated. The two of them may well require special tutelage to provoke them into expanding their own horizons. As is, they are not heroes, they are hero-shaped bulldozers.


Test 2: Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami versus Ectoplasm

Asui is a terrific all-rounder with no clear weaknesses in quirk, physical ability, or mental aptitude - she is capable of both conceiving a plan and maintaining composure under pressure. Tokoyami has a terrific quirk, but relies on it utterly - his physical abilities are nearly non-existent. By matching the two against an opponent who largely nullifies their physical dexterity, and who can close gaps to engage Tokoyami physically, the two will be forced to stretch beyond each of their limits. Asui’s abilities may well conquer this test altogether, but if anyone can force Tokoyami to balance his abilities, Ectoplasm can.

Result: Test Failure/Student Victory

Asui’s diverse abilities and quick thinking ultimately proved too much for our test parameters. Tokoyami was not forced to engage with his own physical weaknesses; fortunately, the mutual quick thinking demonstrated through Asui and Tokoyami’s various plots demonstrates we may well have underestimated both of these students. Recommend continued training both together and apart - these two seem to synergize well, and if Tokoyami can overcome his own weaknesses, they could make a formidable team.


Test 3: Mashirao Ojiro and Tenya Iida versus Power Loader

Ojiro and Iida each rely on the physical agility offered through their excellent quirks. The two are also quite physically capable, but their strength is still slanted towards their unique powers. Additionally, each of them may currently be suffering under some psychological baggage - Ojiro for his unfortunate method of reaching the school festival’s top sixteen, and Iida for his brother’s recent accident and his own subsequent encounter with Stain. Power Loader will challenge them to adapt in hostile terrain conditions, but should not prove to be an impossible opponent.

Result: Student Victory

Ojiro and Iida performed admirably, combining their similarly powerful but uniquely composed quirks to arrive at a solution which subverted the terms of engagement. Further psychological monitoring has been deemed unnecessary: these boys are all right.


Test 4: Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki versus Eraserhead

Yaoyorozu and Todoroki both have extremely powerful quirks, and have learned to apply them to a wide variety of circumstances. Like Tokoyami, these quirks have become a crutch; by pitting them against Eraserhead, we will force them to expand their tactical horizons. Additionally, both Yaoyorozu and Todoroki have demonstrated a certain mental instability, losing focus or collapsing under pressure at the sports festival. Win or lose, this battle should present a wake-up call both physically and mentally.

Result: Student Victory

In spite of a rocky start, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki rose to the challenge, overcoming Eraserhead through strong teamwork and clever application of limited resources. Yaoyorozu in particular seemed to benefit greatly from this test, gaining confidence throughout and spearheading the students’ final victory. In addition, these two chose not to seek the easier escape victory condition, and matched Asui/Tokoyami's capture of their opponent. Class 1-A continues to impress.

End of current evaluation report. Student testing is ongoing; further reports will be filed promptly.


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