QUIZ: Would You Survive the King's Game?

How would you fare in the world's deadliest mobile game?

Would you make it through the King's Game? The rules are pretty simple: just do everything the King says and don't go poking your nose where you shouldn't. Simple, right?


Well, it may start easy. But what begins as confessing to crushes and pulling all-nighters quickly turns into wielding the power of life and death over your friends. Put a foot wrong, and you may just explode into a fountain of blood. And we wouldn't want that.


We don't expect to see the King's Game coming to the App Store anytime soon. But preparedness is always a good thing. So take this quiz to see how you'd fare if the game ever made it into reality. Would you survive? Would you be hoisted on your own petard? Or would you sleep through the whole thing? Find out:



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