Chise and Elias Travel the World With the Help of Fans

The Travelling Chise Contest Sent Two Beloved Characters on a Global Trip


Hi everyone!


Learning magic is tough, and sometimes a magus' apprentice just needs to take a vacation! Last month we sent Chise, the heroine of the Ancient Magus' Bride, on a worldwide tour with Elias through our Travelling Chise contest! We asked fans of the Ancient Magus' Bride around the world to print out paper cutouts of Elias and Chise and take pictures of them in different locations. People posted images of the pair all around the world using the hashtag #TravellingChise, and we wanted to document a small slice of their travels here!


Chise and Elias started their journey, of course, in England at Buckingham Palace!



The two then took a trip over to Skellig Michael in Ireland!



Our heroes then headed to Chise's home country of Japan, first visiting Tokyo...



...And then Enoshima!




Australia was the next stop on the journey, where they saw the Sydney Opera House...



...And a heap of kangaroos!



Chise and Elias traversed the Pacific and ended up at a stunning vista in Honolulu.



From there, the pair enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in Caracas!



The travelers visited a beach in Tijuana, Mexico and then headed north to relax at a park in Houston, Texas, and replenish their potion supplies in Nashville, Tennessee.





Elias and Chise paid a visit to a New Jersey library before exploring New York City and taking in the symphony!




Our heroes took a wrong turn at some point and found themselves in the Land of Giant Dogs...



Finally, they end their trip in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada!




With the help of everyone who participated in the Travelling Chise contest, our two heroes made it all around the world! Thank you to everyone who helped Elias and Chise have an unforgettable journey!


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