Anime vs. Real Life: Amanchu! ~Advance~ Real Life Locations Will Get You in the Summer Spirit

Check out the real-world locations of Amanchu! ~Advance~

Few anime are able to convey that feeling of summer as perfectly as Amanchu! can. I still fondly think back to the summer of 2016, the time when the first season of Amanchu! started airing, as the show’s gentle atmosphere, soothing soundtrack, and gorgeous oceanic scenery really set the mood and tone for my holidays. Thanks to Amanchu! ~Advance~, it really seems like summer has come early this year.


Atmosphere is key for a slice-of-life show like Amanchu!, and just like in the Aria series (both shows do share the same original creator and director after all), the atmosphere is heavily influenced by the pleasant setting, both of which were modeled after real-world locations. But instead of the peaceful canals of Neo-Venezia, we’re treated to the beautiful eastern shore of Japan’s Izu Peninsula. The area is a popular summer tourist destination due to its mild climate, beautiful beaches, and scenic coastline – making it the perfect setting for Amanchu! The show does not limit itself to just one town, but instead uses lovely spots from all over the eastern shore of the Izu Peninsula, which really get you in the mood for  the summer and a nice beach vacation. So let’s dive right in and take a look at the real-world inspirations of Amanchu! ~Advance~!


*All images were taken with GOOGLE STREET VIEW (images I shot myself will be marked ‘WD’)




The show naturally spends a lot of its time at Pikari’s diving shop, Amanchu, located on a small beach next to a steep rocky cliff. In theory the place should be quite easy to find, as all you’d have to do is to thoroughly check the coastline of the eastern Izu Peninsula from top to bottom, but it does not actually exist like in the anime. Instead, it was probably just loosely based on Shiofuki Park right here, which matches the general outline of the place and also shares a bunch of other similarities with its anime counterpart.




Another recurring location from the first season is Yumegaoka Ginza, which in real life is called Atami Ginza. I found the shopping arcade to be quite pleasant as it lead right to the beach in Atami, but just like many other arcades in Japan, this one was also not spared of numerous closed shutters and empty shops, which also get shown in the anime.




Atami is located at the northeastern base of the Izu Peninsula, and marks the entrance to the peninsula. Due to its close proximity to Tokyo, Atami has developed into a popular seaside resort town, and also has quite a few hot springs to offer.





Unfortunately for me, I apparently missed a shop that's selling great marron pie. 





Ito is another hot spring resort town on the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula, just a bit south of Atami. As I already mentioned, Amanchu! doesn’t really just stick to one town, but Ito has probably been the one featured the most in the second season so far.




Ito Orange Beach.



5Ito City


At the southern end of Ito’s Orange Beach is the Nagisa Park, full of symbolic bronze sculptures like this one here from the anime, which were made by a local sculptor.




Ito Station in the picture above, and the nearby shopping arcade in the picture below.





Pikari’s Summer Special Event Number Fourteen is the Anjin Festival’s grand fireworks display held in Ito on the 10th of August. In the days before, there is also a lantern floating ceremony held on the Matsukawa River here, which is running through the center of the town.  




Teko and Pikari meet up for the festival at the local Hachiman Shrine.





They then head to Nagisa Park again to enjoy the fireworks display, an event that also gets celebrated in real life.




In the latest episode, Teko enjoys a quiet day at the peculiar-looking Izukogen Rose Terrace café, which really matched the episode’s magical theme. The café is located in the Izukogen area, which is known for many small and unique museums, like the Teddy Bear Museum or the Kaleidoscopes Gallery.





Not too far away from the café, Pikari is enjoying her day strolling down Izukogen’s three-kilometer long street lined with cherry blossom trees.   




To top it all off, Teko takes her flying bamboo broom for a spin in the latest episode, stopping by at the Sakura-no-Sato Park at the foot of Mount Omuro, a grassy dormant rice-bowl-shaped volcano.


Real-world locations of the first season: Anime vs. Real Life – “Amanchu!“



Did Amanchu! ~Advance~ already get you in the summer spirit? What do you like most about the show? Sound off in the comments below!


Wilhelm is an anime tourist, who loves to search for and uncover the real-world spots he sees in anime. You can talk with him on Twitter @Surwill

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