I Demand a My Hero Academia Room King Recount!

MHA's greatest contest was spoiled by impartial judges and unauthorized cake!

Although a Room King was crowned, I cannot accept the result! A competition of this magnitude must be judged by a neutral third party and the reason for this is clear with the malfeasant bribery committed by the supposed Room King one Rikido Sato! My sense of fairness and good sportsmanship cannot abide this lazy result, especially without a comprehensive ranking of the participating rooms!

With that in mind, I have held my own recount judged by yours truly. My criteria for a winning room are livability, creativity, personality, and overall aesthetic. As I have not, and cannot, taste Sato's cake, I am immune to his dirty tactics and solemnly swear to judge the UA dorms fairly despite his past indiscretions. Now that formalities are out of the way, here is my comprehensive ranking of all 17 rooms!

17. Mezo Shoji


Oh, it's interesting all right. Barren and deeply unsettling. It honestly makes me question whether Shoji is even human. This passes right by minimalism into “I was possessed by a alien and use the time alone in my room to commune with the mothership.”

16. Mashirao Ojiro


I’m not sure if this even qualifies as normal. He doesn’t own any books or personal effects. Ojiro also falls into space alien territory, just one who has been pretending to be human long enough to know the basic components of a bedroom. His name might as well be “Hugh Man.”

15. Yuga Aoyama


Is this a room or the phantom zone? This room is big-budget gaudy. The only thing that matches is the colors, but the scheme is better for Arturia than a dorm room. Come to think of it, is that her armor in the back? Minus major points for making sleep impossible and the massive earthquake hazard posed by all those leaning mirrors!

14. Denki Kaminari


Kaminari gets humanity points for making an honest attempt at decorating. Nice, thematic dresser and the dartboard is clever (been paying attention to Jiro?) but does he even wear hats? Is that a plain black t-shirt in the display case? Why is that rack sitting in front of the dresser drawers?! This room screams “I found all this stuff on the sidewalk!”

13. Ochaco Uraraka


Not true, Ochaco! It may be plain, but Uraraka’s room has plenty of charm points. She’s got a teapot and crackers for guests, a potted plant to add a bit of personality to the room, the star chart lets you know she’s interested in space, and what looks like a picture of her parents there in the back. Very Ochaco!

12. Rikido Sato


We're only given a partial shot of the supposed Room King, but even the limited view shows us Sato does indeed have a good eye for decorations with a pleasant green and yellow complimenting his wood furnitures natural tones. The cooking accoutrements are a nice touch, but this kind of thing should really be kept in the kitchen where he can wash the dishes. I have major concerns about ants.

11. Koji Koda


The bunny alone carries Koda above the other rooms with minimal decoration, but don’t let the animal distract you from a beautifully decorated room made up in a daring lime green. His corkboard with natural photographs and stuffed animals are particularly charming and thematic. Way to do a lot with very little. Good job, Koda!

10. Tenya Iida


Nothing less from the class rep! Iida’s room is definitely function over form, but it’s got a nice, neutral blue theme and strong sense of… geometry? The neat shelves fit right in and provide a conversation piece, although i’m a bit worried all those books are academic manuals. Sorry, Iida. the glasses thing is definitely strange.

9. Izuku Midoriya


Midoriya’s got nothing to be afraid of showing off his room to his class of fellow All Might fans. Although the room furniture is mostly functional, Deku has surrounded himself with memorabilia of the figure that inspires him. Don’t you dare make fun of him! Some of that stuff has got to be worth a lot of money at this point!

8. Eijiro Kirishima


I’d expect no less from Kirishima. His guileless passion more than makes up for his lack of taste, resulting in a room that comes together in spite of his lack of taste. One look and you know the room could only belong to him. The clock, in particular, is a true inspiration. I’m only surprised I don’t see any Yakuza memorabilia. Isn’t the heavy bag a noise problem, though?

7. Kyoka Jiro


Jiro’s room is probably a dream for anyone musically inclined. Everyone was impressed by Todoroki laying down tatami matts, but what about Jiro putting checker tile on the floor AND ceiling? My only concerns are about the noise and how she’s even supposed to get behind that drum set. Nice to find a fellow Deep Dope fan.

6. Fumikage Tokoyami



Even if it embarasses Tokoyami, he’s got an A+ room most of us would have killed for in middle school. It must have taken a long time to gather all the accents and must make his roommate happy as well. Not even sure what kind of light that is. Stop worrying about other people and stay true to yourself, Tokoyami! Maybe take down that “DIE DIE” poster.


5. Toru Hagakure


Although she may be invisible, it’s easy to see Hagakure’s got an eye for color. Like Koda above, she’s got a slightly more complex color scheme of pinks, blues, and purpose along with some excellent furniture choses to add an extra flair. Pretty sure that shelf set-up is a repainted Ikea Kallax, adding a nice bit of DIY to her decoration!

4. Shoto Todoroki


While it’s impressive that Todoroki managed to put this room up in a manner of hours, the feat is possibly more impressive than the room itself. It’s certainly well put together and easily places him in the top half, but lacks much personality. It feels like this room was made up for him. Still, very classy.

3. Momo Yaoyorozu


Honestly, floor space is tremendously overrated. There are plenty of common areas when room is required and I’d happily trade it out for bed space. Even from what little fits in frame, you can tell Momo’s room screams sophistication. She’s got Todoroki’s class with a sense of personal style. Extra points for managing to fit that bed through the doorway!

2. Mina Ashido

It screams teenager but, like Tokoyami before her, Ashido has gone all in on her personal sense of style with a dedication that’s resulted in an impressively put together room. Her pink and black color scheme is given a lot of visual interest with four different patterns. It’s not just decorating, either. In the back she’s got a great personal touch with a picture board of the other UA girls.

1. Hanta Sero

Sero has always been a bit of a silent MVP, making it into the bracketed stage of the sports festival and trapping Mineta in a cocoon of tape without much fanfare. It turns out he’s got a rich personality behind his quiet facade and an excellent aesthetic eye to bring his personal tastes together into a wonderfully decorated room! A diversity of complementary patterns, textures, and colors create a lot of visual interest! If this hero thing doesn't work out, Sero could easily fall back on interior decoration. Think of what a breeze it would be hanging pictures with his quirk!

There you have it! Sero is the true Room King of UA. He was right to be confident showing off his room as he is truly a rare talent and would have doubtless won in ideal circumstances. Take this honor with you into the future!


What do you think the new result? Do you wish to contest my picks? Any points of charm that have escaped my discerning eye? Or do you just have think a room deserves some additional love? Share your favorites in the comments below!


Peter Fobian is an Associate Features Editor for Crunchyroll, author of Monthly Mangaka Spotlight, writer for Anime Academy, and contributor at Anime Feminist. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterFobian.

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