Last Week in Anime: Boruto is Really Good Edition!

The best clips from last week's episodes

Last week I said I was going to get clips from new seasons shows, but I didn’t know that Boruto would be delivering the best episode of the series just a few days later, covering the same territory as the end of the Boruto movie. We also got a rare sympathetic moment in the normally tongue-in-cheek Black Clover and the return of one of my favorite characters in My Hero Academia. I couldn’t, in good conscience, let any of those pass by without giving them some attention, so this week has turned into to celebration of shonen. You have my word that I’ll be showing off all the new season stuff the same time next week but, until then, join me in gawking at some of the all-time greatest Boruto clips. Enough said, here are the best clips from last week!



I’ve watched this so many times I’ve lost count. There’s so much to take in you couldn’t possibly see everything in a single watch. The animation in this fight is unbelievably gorgeous, setting the standard for the episode’s almost non-stop fighting. The choreography is some of the greatest fan service I’ve ever seen, with callbacks to fights as far back as the very beginning of Naruto. The transformation jutsu into shuriken from the Zazuba fight and wired shuriken and underground uppercut Sasuke and Naruto used during the Chunin exam all refined and elaborated upon into some awesome combo attacks from the ultimate tag team. Just like the Naruto vs Sasuke fight at the end of the series, you can feel the love and sense of history in every moment of the fight.



Basically, you should just watch episode 65 of Boruto. This scene deserves a second clip from last week’s moments, hitting an emotional peak just as high as the awesome action in the last clip. Once again, stellar animation and fight choreography, but what really sells it is the opening moments of the clip. Naruto and Boruto generating a rasengan together and Boruto feeling the history and individuals the helped Naruto to master the jutsu is heavier than life. I straight up lost it. Just knowing the barest amount of Naruto’s story will get you teary-eyed watching this. Don't bother arguing, I tested this. The series even found a nice way to keep Boruto relevant fighting alongside ninja at the very top of the power scale without it feeling unearned.



Speaking of emotionally intense flashbacks, Black Clover delivered one of its most touching moments to date in the latest episode. Asta’s pretty angst-free in his pursuit of the title of wizard king, leaving a lot of the character building in the series to Noelle. Her tragic past and trouble with controlling the immense amount of magical potential she possesses are both fairly unique for someone in her role in a shonen series. Although less of an oddball than most of her squad, her discovery that she’s found a family in her new friends that she never had at home is really nice and I hope continues toward building her into a heavyweight fighter for the team. Asta’s “not yet!” becoming contagious is a nice touch. It’s a bit hammy, but everything in Black Clover is. Rebecca's still the better ship, by the way...



Usually when I share clips of My Hero Academia, it’s either for the series excellent emotion or action, which may undersell just how funny the series actually is. The cooldown episodes, such as the inspired room presentation contest, have become some of my favorite of the series just for letting me spend time with the cast outside of intense drama and BONES has done a great job of adapting manga gags to the anime. The entire sequence with Hatsume is a prime example, with a bunch of sight gags from Ochako’s perspective, the random use of cartoon backgrounds, and great use of a static image of Iida pinned against the ceiling, relying on Midoriya and Uraraka’s screaming to sell the comedy. MHA is really the total package.



I promise I’ll put more stuff from the new season in next week, but for the token presence this time I thought I’d drop in something I personally think is cool. Although I’m still not sure entirely what to make of ISLAND’s slowburn, time traveling romance mystery, I really loved the stylized visuals that accompany Sara’s description of their titular island’s legend of star-crossed lovers. The paper-art look and novel designs were really neat and I wonder if the non-Japanese-ness of the visuals is supposed to be some evidence about the legend’s origin or the nature of the story. Really love the dedication to style with the transformed Rikka’s tears appearing as little roughly cut pieces of speckled blue paper.

That's all for last week! What was your favorite moment that you'd like to watch on repeat? Blown away by the last episode of Boruto? Any new anime catching your eye headed toward their three episode boundaries? Let us know in the comments below!


Peter Fobian is an Associate Features Editor for Crunchyroll, author of Monthly Mangaka Spotlight, writer for Anime Academy, and contributor at Anime Feminist. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterFobian.

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