An Isekai Survivor's 5 Wise Tips for Surviving Life in an Alternate World

So you've been transported to another world – here are some tips to make sure you survive your stay!

Look, I get it. You woke up here, and you don’t really know why or how, but you had some other life somewhere else, right? Don’t worry about telling me all the details, because that doesn’t really matter anymore. What does matter is that you’re here now, and this place is as real as your old world was, which means if you don’t wanna make a third trip to a more permanent place, you should listen to my advice, traveller.


Hesitant Adventurers

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First, look for a job. Save me the whining; like I said before, this place is totally real, and you gotta live here now! That means you need to find some way to pay the bills. The best places to look for are guilds, taverns, or any place a lot of people gather and find some work. Just be prepared that the work you sign up for might get you killed, since there’s bound to be monsters or worse waiting for you! If you wanna just kick back and take it easy, stick to small fry stuff, but don’t forget that you need to put food in your belly and a roof over your head.

To be frank, the locals start looking at you weird if you start talking about “HP” or whatever, or seeming like you don’t need to live like a normal person, so it’s best to try and fit in during your stay here… it might be permanent in more ways than one.

The staff to rule them all

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Second, figure out your skills! Did you end up here with some special abilities or powers that might seem unusual or superhuman? There’s a lot of us types that think we’re special or a chosen one cause we end up in these weird places, but just make sure you know what you can do before you go and get your head bitten off by a dragon or find yourself attracting the attention of creepy wizards and such!

Oh, you’re not sure you can do anything special, you say? Well, that’s not that uncommon too… in which case, better to be even more careful then. Hopefully, your special ability doesn’t require you dying to find out first…

Future challenge

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Anyway, the third thing you should do is figure out who’s in charge! And that doesn’t just mean find the nearest king and challenge him for the crown… unless you think you can, anyway! But it’s definitely a good idea for you to figure out where you are and how you fit in to the overall surroundings of the world. You look pretty human to me, but you never know, you might find yourself in the body of all sorts of weird things, like a slime or a lich king of some huge dungeon!

If that’s the case, you might enjoy your newfound cool powers and body, but keep in mind that it might attract those nosy and annoying adventurer types along with it. Living life in your “new world” is a lot more work than you probably thought at first!

If you die in the game, you die for real

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Now, not to get morbid or anything, but have you thought about death yet? Don’t get all weird on me. What I mean is, my fourth tip for you is to think about figuring out how things work here when you fade from the mortal coil. I’ve heard some people say that they fall into perpetual comas, others say that they wake up a few days before the “incident” occurred, and others who seem to imply that this death seems pretty final!

Whether you think of this place as a game or whatever, life and death is no laughing matter, so I suggest trying to safely investigate what your new home believes when it comes to the Big Question, if you catch my drift. If you happen to find yourself in the company of divinity, though, you should probably try to mind your manners, lest you get an answer to that question faster than you wanted!

Meeting allies

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Well, I’ve got to get back to the front soon, so let me leave you with my fifth and last piece of advice: Find some friends! If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet some people you knew in your previous life. If not, it’s best to try and make some new ones while you’re here. You catch more flies with honey, or so the saying goes, but generally you’ll find your new life here a lot more enjoyable if you make some effort to meet new people and establish yourself. After all, you’re basically a newborn here, right? It would only make sense that you try and find some people to help you figure out the big picture while surviving your day-to-day life here. Just don’t tell them all that crazy stuff about “I’m from another world,” ok? You want people to like you, not run away from you!

Alright, stranger, I think you’re set for now. If you ever need some more advice, you know where to find me. Oh, what’s that? Those potions I’ve got for sale? Heh, sorry friend, but you can't handle my potions, they're much too strong for you…  Anyway, get out there and start off that new life! New world, new you, right?

Got more tips to share with a person lost in another world? Share your wisdom in the comments!


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