QUIZ: Nothing but Net Sports! Which Club is Right for You?!

Join the sports club of your destiny! So long as it has a net...

If you're anything like me, sports isn't really your thing. Also, if you're anything like me, you LOVE sports anime. You always find yourself coming back to it, whether it's for the franctic action, intense training sequences, or just the overwhelming heart that comes out of these shows. Maybe you are like me, and sports anime have kindled your interest in joining a real sports club. Searching for the right sport for you can seem daunting, and it certainly doesn't help how all these net sports seem the same. Ping pong? Tennis? Badminton? They're all about hitting objects over a net with a racket! The only change volleyball brings is letting you use your hands, but even then just changing the court makes it a different sport entirely! Right?!


Well, not quite. 


Now, I'm no sports expert, but I do know a thing or two about sports anime. From shows like HANEBADO!, Haikyu!!, and Harukana Receive I have learned some of the nuances between each and every net sport. There are subtle differences in the tone and personality required for each one. So, I've come up with a process by which all you fledgeling athletes can find the net sport perfect for you. Using my knowledge gained from anime (which is ALWAYS 100% accurate to life), I created the quiz below. Good luck, and happy, uh, sports...ing...


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