Black Clover Gift Guide For The Black Bull in Your Life

These are the essentials you need for your journey to becoming the Wizard King!


Let me guess: You watched episode 63 of Black Clover and you are hella hyped! Now you wanna show off your love for the show to the entire world.

Let me take another guess: You have someone in your life that is maybe, probably, okay definitely a Black Bulls member at heart.

If I guessed right for any of these, then I present to you your one stop shop for everything Black Clover: the Crunchyroll Store!

Show off your love for the Black Bulls by putting it on your body with any of these:

asta gold group aa

Prove you’re the ultimate fan by being able to say you not only watched the whole series, read the whole series, but also OWN the whole series in manga form:

fu ve wq


dvd1 2 3

And if there are ANY doubts, this will absolutely prove you’ve reached black shooting star Asta levels with this right here:



*collapses from your demon form* Okay, you've won! Now go back to training to become the Wizard King.

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