Black Clover Staff Show Off Their Amazing Animation from Episode 63

The most impressive episode yet has its staff excited to share their work!

The expanded animation staff of Black Clover episode 63 took to twitter to celebrate the release of the landmark episode. Featuring the story's biggest fight to date and a nearly constant 20 minute feast of creative and challenging visuals, it's certainly the most impressive episode so far. After hyping up the episode on approach, many of them tweeted various cuts and images they had contributed to the episode along with credits, cheers, or thanks to the rest of the team. I've compiled all the ones I could find below in the order the cuts appear!



Sea showing off their cut of Asta declaring that his magic is NEVER GIVING UP!



Gosso with the cut that hit off the big battle, including some excellent crazed Ladros looks and insane camera movement.



Several cuts of the extended chase sequence by Yusuke Kawakami.



Gem’s cut delivering Asta his most demonic look, flying above Ladros and backlit with glowing eyes.



Pebble providing their cut of Asta decking Ladros just before being grabbed by his claw of fire.



Gem with the following cut of Ladros flinging Asta through the line of trees.



Yusuke Kawakami’s animation of Asta slowly approaching Ladros before unleashing his Black Meteorite.



And again with Ladros freaking out at Asta’s slow approach and throwing some kind of fire dragon at him.



Miru showing off his cut of the climax of Asta’s Black Meteorite.



Yuuka Yamashita with 4 cuts of Asta approaching the defeated Ladros in sequence.



Ebakask shares their work on the biggest gag scene in the episode where Asta tries to revive Mars.



Another gag cut by Sakubuta.



Gem’s last cut of the Witch Queen’s arrival along with an intense humblebrag as he claims he doesn’t usually do cuts like these.



Two cuts by Sea of the Witch Queen’s Fresh Blood Execution Ground spell in action.



Moa Ang shows off their beautiful cut of Asta writhing in agony as his blood is… whatever the Witch Queen was doing to it.



Till thanked the crew while providing their work of Asta as the Witch Queens Puppet’s Blood spell takes hold of him.



Some effects animation around Asta’s grimoire provided to Till’s cut by Gem.



Kasen apologizing profusely along with an epic cut of Asta’s possession. Perhaps either for (incorrectly) thinking they did a bad job or just because the cut looks like an entry plug.



Yusuke Kawakami with their cut of the possessed Asta receiving healing from the Witch Queen.



Two cuts by Sugo of Asta being filled with… magic blood? And the effects surrounding his transformation into possessed Black Asta.


A few animators also posted some key frames.



SRK declaring their participation along with a very good Asta frame.




And Azure put up some checks on some of Till's work and a design sheet for Ladros's new form to make sure they kept on model (except when they didn't want to).


That's all I could find and a significant portion of the episode to boot. Were you able to discover any more? Which cut is your favorite from the episode? Let us know in the comments below!


Peter Fobian is an Associate Features Editor for Crunchyroll, author of Monthly Mangaka Spotlight, writer for Anime Academy, and contributor at Anime Feminist. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterFobian.

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