Sasuke Getting Choked is the First Good Meme of 2019!

Starting the year right by...choking Sasuke?

A brand-new year has started, and everyone's full of new hopes and aspirations to get to working on crushing their new goals. But that's not all that comes with a new year! A new year will also bring... a whole new set of memes that the internet go nuts about. And what's the huge first meme of 2019? Oh, it's Sasuke getting choked by everyone. Yup, you read right.


Sasuke getting choked by everyone.


let's not forget who did it first


The original scene of Itachi doing the honors happens in episode 259 of Naruto Shippuden. Sasuke had been training tirelessly to have his revenge on Itachi, but the gap in power was just far too wide at that time. And now that moment is immortalized by having everyone from fellow anime characters like Kurapika and Rin Tohsaka to IRL stars like Gordon Ramsay and Judge Judy choking him as well! Congrats, Sasuke!


Here are some of the hilarious combinations people have come up with and posted on Twitter:




























































And, of course, we got in on the action too! We just couldn't help ourselves!




Thanks, Sasuke, for putting a smile on our faces once again (anyone remember that goofy McDonald's Sasuke toy?)! And thanks for helping 2019 start out with a bang with such a comical meme!


Have a favorite image of Sasuke getting the business? Got one that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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