A Slime's Guide to Building a Nation

Rimuru's out to make a new nation, but he's got a lot of troubles ahead.

Our favorite slime, Rimiru of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is on a quest for peace. He may be equipped with incredible power that only grows by the episode, but at the end of the day, he wants to establish a nonviolent community of monsters. He has so far amassed a small village of different species, but following the defeat of the orc lord, the number of monster citizens under Rimuru’s rule has swelled! The dryads have passed on the rule of the Forest of Jura to Rimuru, resulting in the Jura Tempest Federation. It wasn’t Rimuru’s original intention to form a country, but now that’s how things have ended up! With the aid of King Gazel Dwargo, Jura Tempest already has one ally. However, the creation of a country is not an easy one, and there are many challenges ahead.


Every single nation needs to have a right of rule. You can’t just put up a flag and call the land around you your country. Rimuru has already gotten this, by being marked as the successor to the forest by the Dryads, the former rulers and overseers. An alternative would’ve been a revolution, but Rimuru managed to accomplish sovereignty by being passed the right to rule from the former rulers. As a result, since everyone already acknowledges the dryads, their choice is a firm and serious one, even if their choice is a slime. That will make other nations pay attention, but it's not enough to convince them to be peaceful.



Rimuru’s new country is a country of monsters, beings that through nearly every convention of fantasy, are antagonistic to humans. Early on, he’s established that one of his main rules is that his citizens shouldn’t go out of their way to harm humans, or antagonize other races, both of which will be good for long-term nonviolence. However, that doesn’t change the perception of monsters that many have. To adventurers, monsters are something to be fought, destroyed, or controlled. The idea of a group of peaceful monsters is already one that would sound strange to most humans in this worldbut, more crucially, the idea that monsters have managed to organize themselves into a government is even stranger. Such an odd country suddenly appearing out of nowhere won’t be taken lightly, but seen as a potential threat. Other nations might not be as reasonable as Dwargo and could launch an attack.


One of the fundamental things Rimuru has established is the always important element of military strength. Even if a nation is at peace and is intends to stay at peace, they still need the assurance that they can defend themselves. At this point in time, all the citizens seem to be content with the ruling system, so there isn’t much that has to be done in terms of keeping the peace internally. That leaves the fact that other countries might try to encroach on them, either out of fear of the monsters or because they want to expand their borders. There needs to be some way that Rimuru can repel those threats, to make sure that no other sovereign nation will harm their citizens. Under his banner, Rimuru has already adopted the direwolves, the goblins, the kijin, and now the orcs and dryads, all of whome have become more powerful after receiving names. By defeating the Orc Lord, Jura Tempest has proven itself to be able to handle threats, and so they have established themselves as having the military might to back up their claims. This would prevent any nation thinking they could just easily overrun Jura Tempest to get rid of the problem.


Sheer firepower is not enough on its own, however. Just because a country has a strong military doesn’t mean that its neighbors have to get along with it. There could be a tense, hostile relationship between countries, instead of the peace that Rimuru pursues. In order for this to happen, a show of good faith is necessary, usually through an ambassador. An ambassador will be able to spread awareness of Jura Tempest and its mission. Instead of opening with military might, opening with diplomacy usually sends a message of peace and nonviolence. The ambassadors will also be able to see what sort of society these other countries have, and provide advice on how Jura Tempest can adapt a strategy to deal with them. Most importantly, opening a conversation will show that there is no ill will, and if friendship isn’t attainable, at least mutual cooperation is.  


Diplomatic relations are what continue on and enhance a relationship between two sovereign nations, but what usually starts up an in depth conversation is if one of the countries has something that the other needs. Jura Tempest has been established as a peaceful nation, but people wouldn’t leave them alone out of the goodness of their hearts. Rimuru himself has two potential assets; one being magisteel, and the other being restorative potions. Thanks to him waking up in Veldora’s cave, Rimuru already has both stockpiled in his being, which he can then replicate and make physical with his abilities. The first one, magisteel, is something that can be used to make weapons. The particular kind of ore that Rimuru is familiar with is a special, high quality one that can very easily make sturdy weapons. A nation known for high quality weapons would attract skilled adventurers that need better quality weapons than they already have. The other, potions, are used to heal major injuries. These are also a key part of adventuring, and the Dwarven King already noted that Rimuru’s potions are particularly high quality. Both are valuable items, but, more importantly, they’re rare items due to their quality. That rarity will create a demand, and that demand can be used to foster mutual trade between other nations.



Of course, none of these points are easily accomplished, and the creation of a country is far more complex than what can be laid out here. Creating a long-term nation and establishing relations takes time. It can be months, even years before Rimuru truly creates a country of peace. There’s plenty of unknown potential hindrances, such as other countries and factions like the Demon Kings. It may be a slow journey, but it’s no doubt one that’s necessary. I for one, can’t wait to see what happens to Jura Tempest in the future!

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