We Asked Mob Psycho Fans to Draw Dimple For Us. Unfortunately, They Did.

Close your eyes, imagine a little green punk, and let the pen move on its own

There are few things I enjoy more than fans channeling their love of something into art. It doesn't matter how experienced or technically-skilled an artist you are, it always shows something when you decide to draw your favorite characters from your favorite shows, or books, or... well, you get the picture. I did that for five years.


And then I get a text this morning asking me to compile tweets about blind-drawing Mob Psycho 100's Dimple, and the initial reaction (something like "FASDJLK89 IT'S EARLY" yes Ricky I know you sent the text at 10am) switched to "oh... this is really nice."


No, really, I'm legitimately impressed by some of y'all. It all started with this tweet:



and our very own Drea decided to join in too:



More like DOHmple, amirite? Then Cayla had sins to share with the world:



and then the rest of you joined in and it was amazing. Here's a taste:




And finally... one from me.



Let's keep this train going--go check out the original tweet and share your blind-draw Dimple with us! Just... close your eyes and imagine this face:




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