The 5 Most Misused Quirks In My Hero Academia

When it came to using their superpowers efficiently, all these characters went full Minus Ultra

I’ve always been good at coming up with creative solutions to problems no one will ever have to deal with in real life. For example, if I collected all the Dragon Balls, I wouldn’t waste my time asking Shenron for infinite wishes. I’d ask for a notebook that brought to life whatever you described in it, like a reverse Death Note. LOOPHOLED! Also, I'd tie huge rubber bands to the balls before I summoned the dragon so that when I was done with them and they tried to fly off in every direction, they'd just spring back to me and I could use them all over again. SMORT!


That’s why I get so frustrated while watching My Hero Academia.


I keep seeing what all these fictional characters are doing with their Quirk superpowers and I think to myself: there is a smarter way to use those, guys, like, well...


5. Kurogiri Can Create Free, Renewable Energy


Kurogiri is the black mist supervillain that Kohei Horikoshi came up with while screwing around with the airbrush tool. His Quirk is Warp Gate–the ability to create actual Portal-like portals that he uses to chauffeur the League of Villains and break up bar fights.




In all seriousness, though, Kurogiri is probably one of the most powerful characters in the anime, with their being virtually no limit to how far he can extend his Warp Gate portals. Why then doesn’t he use them to create near-infinite energy? Open two portals one above another, throw in a heavy object inside and watch it fall endlessly. Devise a way to hook a dynamo or something to it and, bam, you have free power that would make Kurogiri a billionaire overnight and a hero to the entire planet. But I understand if Kurogiri doesn’t want to do it. After all, he’s already living the exciting life of… a dive bar bartender. Huh.




Even if Kurogiri only cares about taking down All Might, it would still be much easier to do if he had a literal mountain of money/public goodwill at his side. As is, using his overpowered Quirk to transport other villains is like using faster-than-light travel to be the first in line for Backstreet Boys concert tickets.


4. Koji Koda Could Help Feed Billions Of People


Koji is the resident Class 1-A stoner (get it? he's made of rock? come on) with the power to control ANY creature in the animal kingdom. This would logically also include spiders, meaning that Koji could literally end all street crime in, like, 5 minutes tops by swallowing all the criminals up in a giant arachno-tsunami.




But, you see, Koji is just too shy and nice to be an effective hero. He wants to do good but he just doesn’t have that fighter instinct in him. Which is why he should instead use his Anivoice Quirk to revolutionize agriculture all around the world.


Give him a megaphone and fly him over American fields, telling feral pigs to stop causing $1.5 billion worth of damage a year in destroyed crops. Fly him to Australia to tell the invasive cane toads and rabbits to kindly lemming themselves off a cliff. Have him tell the aggressive lionfish the get the hell out of the Atlantic. FORCE HIM TO GET OVER HIS FEAR OF BUGS AND MAKE AGRICULTURAL PESTS A THING OF THE PAST. If Koji was utilized properly, he could travel the world undoing mankind’s mistakes and creating organic, pesticide-free crops instead of doing what he does now, which is largely sitting around on his ass roleplaying Snow White.




3. Inko Midoriya Would Have Made A Great Nurse


Izuku’s mother in My Hero Academia has mainly done two things so far: jack and squat. She did try to be a good mother but kind of failed at that when she tearfully apologized to her son because he was born without a Quirk, essentially telling him: “I’m so sorry I gave birth to such a loser.” So, she doesn’t really have much going on in her life. That’s why she should try nursing instead.


I realize that becoming a nurse takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but Inko would be a natural fit for it. Despite her initial shortcomings, she is a very caring person with loads of empathy. She also has the power of limited telekinesis.




Inko can move small objects over short distances, and while that would not be helpful for stopping crime, it would be great for, say, removing kidney stones. Or things stuck in people’s throats. Or coins from children’s stomachs. Or, well, anything out of people’s buttholes, all without having to actually… you know, get in there. Not only would it save any hospital god knows how much money on gloves, Inko would be doing something worthwhile with her life and making a real difference. But sitting at home alone while Izuku lives it up in his dorm is just as fulfilling, surely.


2. Uraraka Should Go Work For A Shipping Company


Ochaco Uraraka has one of the most well-rounded Quirks out of all the main characters: Zero Gravity. With it, she can make objects and people float, which is great for offense, defense, and rescue operations. As a superheroine, she is doing everything right with her Quirk.




I just think Uraraka should never have become a superheroine in the first place. Uraraka has actually always been honest about her motivation: she wants dem YEN YEN BILLS YO (for her struggling family.) Superheroes are paid a lot in My Hero Academia and even get endorsement deals and the like—in the future, I envision Bakugo endorsing some brand of hot sauce. But regular jobs also exist in that world, and that must include shipping companies that would instantly hire Uraraka to Zero-G their freighters, trucks, and planes.




Even if she cannot make them float, she can still remove enough gravity from them to save the company tons of fuel. Company profit margins are razor thin. There’re probably accountants out there who specifically don’t use semicolons in their print documentation because those use more ink than regular commas, and that means lost profits. The notion of saving even 1% on fuel costs would be game-changing for them, and Uraraka could probably go way higher than that while collecting a check fatter than the boners some of those company accountants would be sporting.


1. Momo Could Solve Literally All The World’s Problems


I bet Kohei Horikoshi was really proud of himself when he came up with Momo Yaoyorozu’s design: No, see, she HAS to dress scantily because her Quirk is Creation, i.e. the ability to create any object she wants through her skin, which must be constantly exposed. Peachy.




What’s not peachy, though, is Momo’s motivation. Momo is supposed to be a genius. As such, she should know that she’s wasting her Quirk on superheroics when she should instead be, oh I don’t know, actually saving the world.


Momo can apparently create anything as long as she understands its composition, and seeing as she’s made an ethanol spray can, infrared goggles, a lighter, and a tracker, it seems like there’s nothing she cannot make. Cool. MAKE US SOME HELIUM THEN. The world is running out of the gas and we need it for MRI scanners and the like. Momo could make more of it. Or thorium. She could make thorium that we could use to make thorium-based reactors that are apparently way safer than uranium ones.




Medicine, fresh water, cheap electronics that we could send to developing countries: Momo could crank all of those out in an afternoon. An hour sitting in a room and filling bucket after bucket with free insulin would do more good for the planet than defeating 10 Leagues of Villains. And while spending your life as a walking Everything Faucet might not seem that glamorous, it actually has the potential to change the entire planet for the better.


Are there any other Quirks that you think are being misued in My Hero Academia? Share your theories in the comment section!


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