The Greatest Website of the 21st Century is Bursting with Comments!

Reigen’s website is very real, and the comments in the guest book are amazing! But which are the best?

It isn’t every day that the best website ever created appears on the internet, but yesterday just happened to be such a day! The Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, Reigen Arakata, has graced the internet with his personal website, and the design and features of the website are absolutely state of the art and amazing to behold! Aside from the services that Reigen offers the masses and descriptions of his skillful prowess, however, there is also a Guest Book, already filled with amazing comments and statements from visitors. But not all Guest Book comments are created equal, and some are much better than the rest; how to know which ones you might have missed, or where they rank? Well, fear not, because we’ve braved the many, many pages of comments to give you the very best comments left so far! 


a work of art


Honorable Mentions:


We sort of knew you would say that.

Jotaro: “DIO!!!!!”

There’s got to be easier ways for you two to contact each other than this website.

John Cena: “Can you help me make my body visible again?”

We almost didn’t see this comment until later, so it didn’t make it higher on the list.

Dante: “mom says its my turn on the spirit consulting website”

If we need a consultant we’ll let you know, but right now we aren’t running any ‘now featuring’ special partnerships, sorry!

Top 15 Comments:

15) Dex: “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?”

You don’t have to call anyone! That’s why there’s a website!

14) AnynymousHelpie: “My friend never shut up talking about toes. It’s like they obsessed with it. Can you help me how to stop this madness please thanks”

I don’t think we have a service that can help you with that. Maybe meet new people.

13) Dingus Wingus: “ASMR reigen throws salt in your face”

We appreciate the ideas and will pass them along to Reigen for new potential services!

12) ai: “but reigen can you exorcise the demons in my mind that make me eat mac and cheese at every waking hour”

We hear Reigen might have a trick for this, but it sometimes makes you eat olives at 2 a.m.

11) Battler: “Mr. Reigen, do you fight witches? I think my grandfather’s mansion is full of them. Please help”

Everybody knows witches aren’t real, but if you got some Super Paper, I bet Reigen could write some good warding scrolls on it for you.

10) Jon_ner: “Dear Master psychic Reigen,
A goblin-like creature has been following me around for the last few weeks to steal my precious pea wörter and I don’t know what to do, please help me

Greetings from a Swedish nephew”

I don’t think Reigen does multiverse stuff, but that certainly sounds very troubling!

9) Ayumi N.: “Not sure it works … Had an exorcism done about 2 weeks ago on my paren’ts bedroom but i’m still hearing weird thud sounds in the night!! Be wary …..!”

We regret to inform you that these noises may increase next week, but on the bright side, we can tell you that it isn’t ghosts. Probably.

8) lovesick: “mr arataka with your skills and expertise can you teach me how to transcend the barrier between 2D and 3D so i can finally meet my fictional husbando”

We can't speak for Reigen but we're pretty sure he'd be able to help you with his spirit photography skills.

And I need YOU to get rid of them
I can pay you three good cattle or five sheep, whichever you’d prefer”

While Reigen says his skills with digital media are very good (just look at the website), we are unsure if he can really help you in this regard, as the UI is a bit hard to understand.

6) piccolo: “Help me”

We’re sure you will be fine, after all you’re either a very good dad, or a pretty decent instrument!

leave your messages in the guestbook!

And finally, the Top Five Comments:

5) Casper: “Thank you”

Now that’s what you call a ghost in the machine! Ahem…

4) Adam: “My bank account was possessed by an evil money spirit, but Reigen-sama banished it with ease! I now have $0 worth of demons to trouble my thoughts. Thanks, Reigen-sama!”

That’s… Well, if you’re happy, we’re sure Reigen is happy, Adam!

3) Leave my Eggs alone: “Is it possible to curse someone to give them really big and powerful hands so they can’t hold small objects anymore or eggs?”

We don’t really like to use or advise on doing any curses, sorry. Have you considered buying bigger eggs?

2) Tusk: “I think my TV is possessed because everytime I play video games now I keep losing and I’m certain it’s because the TV is possessed”

You’re right, this is a very serious problem. We’ll let Reigen know right away to contact you at [email protected].

And our number one guestbook comment pick is...!


1) Keysmash: “I believe there’s a ghost that makes me extremely lazy. It couldn’t possibly be my fault, that wouldn’t make sense. Help me, please.”

This sounds like an extremely bad ghost problem. We are sure Reigen will help you if you go see him, but this might require a few high class exorcism skills!

look at these incredible services

Bonus: We Are Worried About Their Wife:

Can You Help My Wife: “Can you help my wife?”

This comment has us worried. CAN you help their wife, Reigen? We need to know what’s up with this person’s wife!

Well, we’re sure that this enlightening look into the problems and minds of visitors to Reigen’s website will give you a good idea of what you could expect and ask for yourself. Why don’t you go on over and give the site a look, schedule an appointment, and maybe leave some comments yourself about how Reigen can help you, or how he may already have! He IS the Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, after all!

What’s your favorite part of Reigen’s website? Can you help that person’s wife? Let us know in the comments!


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