Fans Are Raving About The Newest Party Member in Shield Hero Episode 5

After the emotional rollercoaster of last week’s episode, this week’s episode had everything needed to recover and so much more.


If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.

Last week’s episode was heavy and emotionally draining but also very satisfying. This week’s episode was like the laugh that you have after crying a lot because your friend tried their best to make you feel better.

We finally met the queen who looks like she’s probably not about to take all of the shenanigans that the king nor princess are doing. The Bow and Sword Hero don’t appear to be here for any of it either and seem to be continuing their slow progression to possibly align with the Shield Hero more so than not.

Naofumi continued displaying his nurturing skills by being imprinted on by a baby filolial, which is a bird like monster that hatched from an egg. The new addition to the party named Filo helped to put Spear Hero back in his place twice. Then this happened to Filo:


Woo! That's a lot for just one episode but it was thankfully a nice palette cleanser. Naofumi even smiled a lot?! Twitter and Naofumi provided a place to air all of the feels about the new installment to the series and the newest addition to the party: 

Hello! Where have you been? 

Motoyasu, you good?

Alright fine, the real reason we're here: FILO!

OOOO right! This version of Filo:

Overall, it seems everyone needed this episode:  

Whoa! That was a lot for one episode but felt like a reward for everything we went through last week. How do you feel about episode five? What was your favorite moment? Tweet a reply to The Rising of the Shield Hero page!



Share your thoughts on the latest episode in the comments section below! 


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