Fans Can't Stop Picking Sides In The New Shield Hero Rivalry Episode 6

Last week’s episode was a well needed recovery episode with a pleasant surprise at the end. Episode six kept the ball rolling in an awesome direction and the focused stayed on the newest party member! *SPOILERS CONTAINED*



If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.

Now that last week’s episode gave everyone a chance to recover, it seems Shield Hero is easing us back into the action with a hopeful and an almost entirely Filo focused episode!  


We found out more about Filo! She’s a filolial queen with an advanced transformation ability and that’s how she can transform into human form. Unfortunately, Naofumi doesn’t have the necessary income to support her habit of destroying her clothes everytime Filo transforms so the party started trading.

Naofumi’s notorious reputation might be turning a more positive corner as he is now being called ‘Our Savior of the Heavenly Fowl’ in some parts of the kingdom. The merchant that he happened to learn gemstone creation and the trade industry later on initially quoted the people’s sentiments saying, ‘Our Savior crosses the land to treat the sick with his special medicine.’

Alongside all of this, the battle for Naofumi’s attention has begun for Filo and Raphtalia! Naofumi put the issue to rest by putting Raphtalia in the daughter zone and noting that he was Filo’s owner. This didn’t seem to stop either of them from vying for Naofumi’s attention.  

Raphtalia showed off a new skill and Filo has new transform proof clothes!

Woo! That was a lot for one episode but positive vibes across the board. Now that there is a rivalry happening between Filo and Raphtalia, which side are you on? Twitter seems to have already started taking sides:

Team Raphtalia


Team Filo

Regardless of which side you're on, everyone seems to have fun with this week's episode! 


That was a lot for one episode but it felt like a positive change of pace. How do you feel about episode six? What was your favorite moment? Which side are you on? Tweet a reply to The Rising of the Shield Hero page!




Share your thoughts on the latest episode in the comments section below! 


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