10 Things You Missed In The New Detective Pikachu Clip

The mystery continues as we uncover more hidden stuff

We got a new Detective Pikachu clip today, and my excitement for this film grows by the second. What started as a "Uhhh, I don't know how to feel about this art style..." has morphed into an unconditional embrace of it. I'm so happy that we're not just getting a Pokémon movie but a Pokémon movie where Pikachu is wearing a deerstalker hat and solving mysteries. Obviously, I'd like for this to lead to a Pokémon flick that adapts the games/manga and costs roughly $500 billion to make, but for right now, I'm glad that we got Detective Pikachu, a film that seems to actually appreciate Pokémon as a concept, and not a Dragon Ball Evolution-esque thing that's embarrased by its source material.

But enough foolin' around, me. Here's the clip:


It's so beautiful, but it's also thirty seconds, so it kind of rushes by. But no worries, I collected some stuff from it that you may not have noticed:


1. Those Emolga On The Roof



Emolga is one of my fave Pokémon from Generation 5, and we don't just get one in this movie, but a whole friendship club of them. I feel like Alan Grant in Jurassic Park: "They're moving in herds....They do move in herds."


2. That Missing Pancham Poster




Yeah, Squirtle is dead set in the middle of the frame, but check out that poster for a missing Pancham behind it. Shows you that this movie is actually diving into the later generations for reference material, and not just basing the whole thing around the fickle needs of the "THERE'S ONLY 150, AND CHIKORITA ISN'T EVEN REAL" crowd. 


3. The OBVIOUS Plot Inconsistency




So, apparently this Pikachu is addicted to caffeine, which means I take back everything I said about Detective Pikachu honoring its source. As every real fan knows, Pikachu's one love is ketchup and ketchup alone. 



4. A Victini Symbol




There's a lot of obvious Pokémon in the shot where I took this image, but the best part of it comes from the upper right hand side. What business is this Victini related to? You can usually only get Victini through special events, so it's weird that they'd base a store around everyone's favorite Ha Ha You Woke Up Too Late To Go To That Event In Gamestop So You Don't Get One monster.


5. More Importantly THERE'S A WOOPER SPA


And then, right next to Victini is a Wooper spot called "DAY DREAM." What's in there? It sounds like a spa to me. You go in, relax, get a mimosa, a pedicure, and a hot stone massage, and the whole time, a Quagsire makes light conversation with you. Sounds transcendent


6. The Lost Charmander


In Charmander's first appearance in the Pokémon anime, he's been abandoned by his trainer Damien, a bro that sounds like an Australian person choking on a kazoo. And in Pokémon Yellow, there's a guy on Route 25 who's ridiculously eager to give his Charmander away to any complete stranger that walks by. And here, we see a little Charmander just walking by itself. What I'm saying is that I don't like this trend. Maybe that's why Charizard looks so mad at the end of the clip.


It's spent its whole life...alone.


7. This Look




I'm calling it. Mr. Mime is the villain. He stole Ash Ketchum's Mom's heart just like HE STOLE THAT PANCHAM. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, FIEND?


8. Flight Attendant Lickitung




I'm sure many websites are gonna focus on this Lickitung cameo, but what I'M gonna focus on is the fact that they're on some sort of crowded vehicle. So either Lickitung is harassing them on a train, or it's some kind of Lickitung flight attendent. What do Pokémon get paid per hour anyway? Can they unionize? Because they should.


9. The Dog Bar


dog bar


There's a Growlithe in the back of the bar! That's so cute. Every bar should be a dog bar, as far as I'm concerned.


10. Psyduck Staying ON BRAND




Everyone has got their arms out due to whatever huge gust or explosion that's tossing them, but Psyduck has its little webbed hands firmly on its head, dealing with its ever-present headache. You gotta admire its devotion to incurable migraines. 


Did you notice anything else? Let us know in the comments?




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