Mob Monday Preview: Reigen's in Trouble!

It seems like Reigen might have bitten off more than he can chew!

In last week's preview, we talked about the idea that Mob and Reigen seemed to be reaching some sort of crossroads, with the idea that Reigen said Mob was being “used” by his friends… when in reality, Reigen was really the one using Mob all this time! But now that Mob’s grown and learned about himself, and more importantly, made friends, Reigen really screwed up when he called Mob’s friends fake and seemed to imply he knew what was best for Mob. Projecting much…?

Either way, Reigen really screwed up, and of course, he seems to have no interest in actually fixing things between himself and Mob, instead just trying to prove a point to no one that he’s absolutely fine on his own, if not better than he was before! Oh, Reigen, what are we going to do with you?



reigen on tv

Reigen and Mob spent the first season in a weird teacher and student relationship, where Mob’s powers gave Reigen the ability to make his business grow, and Reigen served as a mentor for the lonely and emotionally stunted Mob. But now that Mob’s started to meet people on his own and make more decisions about how he wants to live his life, that relationship isn’t tenable anymore, and the person who realized it first wasn’t Reigen, but Mob! When Mob said “I'm starting to understand that not everything you say is true,” I felt my heart sink for Reigen, who absolutely blew it. But that was replaced by my pretty firm anger in how he just tried to blow it off and assumed Mob would come crawling back to him. Instead, we have a Reigen who went off the deep end in trying to pretend like he wasn’t upset or bothered at all, and tried to prove to everyone (but, personally, it seems mostly just to Mob) that he’s totally fine, and absolutely not at all in trouble. Which, of course, brings us to the preview for this coming episode, where Reigen does indeed seem to be in a LOT of trouble!


From the get-go, the television deal for Reigen seemed too good to be true, and right as the episode ended, we found out exactly why: it was a set up by Kirin Shodo to get revenge on Reigen for kneeing him while possessed by Mogami! While doing so likely saved Shodo’s life, it seems that the older “psychic” is more embarrassed by the supposed loss of credibility for his amazing powers that were exposed during the Mogami arc, and getting revenge on Reigen seems to have become a big fixation for him. There’s an old saying that you can’t kid a kidder, and Shodo seems just as petty and crafty as Reigen is as running a scam or charade, so it may be that this time, Reigen isn’t going to be the one coming out on top!

curious mob

As the preview ends, Reigen says that he’s doing all of this for Mob to see, and that just seems to prove that Reigen really hasn’t learned anything yet. Mob isn’t going to feel jealous, lost, or lonely seeing Reigen on TV, but he might be upset to see his teacher in trouble, so will Mob come to Reigen’s rescue? Is there really anything that can save Reigen from himself at this point other than a massive, massive failure induced wakeup call? Frankly Mob and Reigen’s relationship was always fun, but Reigen never really treated Mob with full respect and autonomy, so maybe this will be the situation that needed to eventually happen. Either way, it doesn’t seem like Reigen is going to come out of this unscathed, but you reap what you sow! The flashing lights and the podium of a press conference at the end seem to forebode even more dire circumstances for the “Century’s Greatest Psychic”, too… Good luck, Reigen, cause we think you’re gonna need it!

How’d you feel about Mob Psycho 100 II episode 6? What’s are you hoping to see soon? Let us know in the comments!


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