See What Grand Summoners Producer Yama-P Had to Say in Reddit AMA Session

Collaboration with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is now live!


Crunchyroll teamed up with pixel RPG Grand Summoners, which is currently knee deep in isekai fun thanks to a collaboration with the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime. The event runs until March 31—featuring Rimuru in human and slime forms, as well as Benimaru and the new fan favorite Milim—and Grand Summoners players recently had a chance to interact with producer Yama-P thanks to a Reddit AMA. 


With the AMA behind us, now is a great time to take a look back at what Yama-P had to say about the game, its partnership with Crunchyroll, and any future plans that may be brewing on the Grand Summoners horizon. 



Yama-P on teaming up with Crunchyroll Games and future collaborations:


Crunchyroll Games has been a great partner in helping us increase the exposure of the ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ collaboration event and making Grand Summoners become more popular!


Grand Summoners and Crunchyroll Games will be working together to bring more exciting anime collaborations to you. I can’t wait to share more information with you all soon ;)


He was then asked how Arena matchmaking works, whether or not there are plans to implement a search feature, and if they plan on introducing Earth Mira soon:


We're actually trying to make it real-time PvP but have encountered technological issues in trying to implement it. We're definitely working on making exciting changes to the Arena!


We're not going to create a search function, but we are working on advanced sorting options that will improve inventory management a lot!


Bonus [RE: Earth Mira]: you might be surprised!


On updating translations and publicizing fan-made content: 


We are constantly working on improving text and have made quite a few minor changes. Please let us know what issues you encounter!


We'd love to share your artwork! We'd like to create a Fan-Art corner on our FB page, so stay tuned!


On the challenge of implementing an original style when working with anime crossovers:


Yes, it's difficult to reflect various elements of the Original Anime, but it's very fun to think and plan the ways to do so:)


It's always a challenge to maintain the "feel" the integrity of the original IP we work with--while making Crossovers seem at home in Grand Summoners.


It involves working with LOTS of people and requires a passion for GS, but it's always worth it! We hope everyone enjoys TenSura!


One player asked about Yama-P's involvement in the Slime crossover and why it was chosen: 


TenSura is a story that unfolds in an RPG world in which the characters (Rimuru, Benimaru & Milim) have incredible powers and continually get stronger, just like Grand Summoners Units.


The world fits perfectly and was super fun bringing them to life, especially since Grand Summoners didn't have any truly anime-style art!



Where does the team start when developing new characters and units?


We first create the character design and then work on the abilities and stas.


We create characters as a team, there's a GS member who is specialized in designs and there's a member who handles character stats and abilities. I look, check and make the last decision when creating a new character:)


How do they decide who gets awakenings globally versus Japan?


The time schedule of unitawakenings between JPN and Global is almost the same, but for our technical reason or reason for the management, the timing slightly changes compare to JPN.


This five-part question from Reddit user SitInACorner is worth sharing in full: 


1. In terms of overall game design, how do you feel about the progression and development of the project?


2. To what extent will global exclusive content be featured, that is, if you're planning on releasing any in the first place.


3. Will there be any regards to future quality of life updates? And if so, will the playerbase be able to suggest changes? A colleague of mine has suggested a set arena team such that players don't have to switch around equipment.


4. What does the process of actually obtaining a collaboration look like? It seems tedious with licensing and planning!


5. Are there plans to further arena rewards? Currently, they become rather lackluster from around 3,000 total wins onward.


1. We've done about 30% of what we want to accomplish with the game. Ideally, we would add "Real-time PvP" as well as new forms of "Battle", "Global battles", Adding more chapters to the "Main Story", improve artwork, the list goes on!


2. We are thinking about GL exclusive content but have been rushing to catch up with content! We'll eventually get around to creating exclusive content!


3. Definitely! There are incremental changes in every update, Compendium, Equipment sorting improvements, etc. and we're considering more options for the future!


4. Crossover-Planning goes like this:

Choose Crossover (Dragon Ball or One Piece) and explore how it fits with the Grand Summoners worldview. If it's a match we pitch it to the licensor and If approved set a schedule and begin work on creating in-game assets. We also examine whether the Crossover would succeed in the Global Market, so we definitely have GL players in mind as well!


5. We would like to implement improvements, especially a real-time arena, but we're not looking to change much about the Arena at the moment.


Yama-P's favorite character art and design, followed by favorite main story female character:


(1) My favorite character based on art is Abaddon.


(2) My favorite female character from the main story is Iris:)


Check out the full AMA to see everything else Yama-P had to say!


Play Grand Summoners for yourself:




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