Why Loving Gobta is Valid!

There's many great characters in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, but if you love a certain round goblin boy, you’re valid!

Gobta Kick!

Goblins don’t get a lot of love in most fantasy worlds, depicted as nasty, conniving monsters that will stab any back, any time, as long as they can get a bit ahead of whoever they can. It’s rough to be a goblin even despite all that when compared to the amazing array of fantasy creature you usually find yourself in the company of: giant spiders, packs of wolves, orcs, ogres, slimes, and dragons outclass you in almost every way with size, abilities, and majesty. Frankly, it usually sucks to be a goblin. But what if you were the BEST goblin? Well, in the case of Gobta, that just so happens to be the case! Now, Gobta isn’t the strongest character in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, or the smartest, but he is the best, and if you don’t love him yet, we’ll give you reasons to. And if you do already love Gobta (a good choice, I must say) then we want you to know that our reasons will help validate your love of this beautiful round boy; you’re seen and we respect you!

a good goblin boy

When we first met Gobta, we saw nothing but a simple goblin boy who had no name, defining feature, or even much of a personality. He seemed quite honestly to be an extra, a character just thrown in to show the defenselessness of the goblins to the stronger monsters in the Forest of Jura. However, when Rimuru gave Gobta his name, the most notable thing of all happened: he didn’t look any different. From that point on, we knew Gobta was going to be something special! While most of the other goblins looked regular and almost human, Gobta remained a stout, oval headed young hobgoblin with a lovable tuft of hair on top and outie belly button. It seemed pretty obvious at that point that Gobta was going to be here to stay, since he actually now seemed wholly unique rather than just another child in the crowd.

wolf summon

However, we didn’t see much of Gobta until the initial trip to Dwargon. First learning that the Hobgoblin had actually tried to travel there before and nearly died from the harsh treatment he received at the hand of some assailants, he still went along with Rimuru anyway… only to be rewarded with being locked in a cell. But Gobta was a true soldier through the whole ordeal, staying peaceful and composed in his jail cell without causing Rimuru any real trouble; in fact, it might even seem like Gobta was just sleeping the whole time! But, of course, such an amazing Hobgoblin would never do something so simple… Although it was a little weird that Rimuru seemingly forgot him, but we’re pretty sure that’s because he knew Gobta would be absolutely fine on his own, and he had to make sure to return back to the village with Kaishin as soon as possible. Gobta, the shining beacon of love and peace that he is, didn’t even hold a grudge about it!

golden smile

And this brings us to one of Gobta’s best charm points: his cheery disposition and resilience! Gobta never gives up and never feels down, staying happy and exuberant no matter what’s happening. Even in the face of the dangerous Charybdis, Gobta lead his Goblin Riders into battle without fear (and, even though they had to be saved, still remained upbeat about the experience!). He’s faced an even more dire foe in Shion’s cooking, and lived to tell the tale, even managing to make Rimuru jealous in the process! Gobta’s positivity is part of his amazing charm, taking on any challenge and setback in stride, perhaps because he’s a bit of an idiot (in a good way!), or just because maybe he’s just that happy about everything happening around him. And, of course, there’s the possibility that Gobta might be an unknown prodigy…


he kicc


What do we mean by that? Oh, you didn’t know? Bet you were too distracted looking at amazing demon lords and Orc Disasters to really notice, but that’s okay, Gobta forgives you, and so do we. Take a look at Gobta’s development over the course of the series: he’s gained poison resistance, seemingly from eating Shion’s cooking, managed to copy Souei’s shadow teleportation skills simply by seeing them happen, become captain of the Goblin Riders with ease, and defeated Gabiru in a single attack, an attack that was the same type of kick that Rimuru himself used on Gobta earlier! It seems that Gobta either learns other people’s abilities purely by seeming them happen, or having them used on him, meaning that Gobta’s potential as a fighter might be totally unmatched in the series. After vastly underestimating Gobta during his quick battle with Gabiru, Rimuru seemingly also took notice of the fact that Gobta might actually be a prodigy of some sort, so we are pretty sure that we’ll be seeing some amazing things coming from out beautiful hobgoblin son in the future!


dat boi


And there you have it! A clear as day set of reasons why you should love Gobta, and why your love of Gobta is totally valid and affirmed. If you still aren’t sure, maybe you just need to stare into his innocent, happy, vapid eyes; you’ll start to really feel the same way about him, we promise! Gobta is out here making sure to save the reputation of small, underappreciated goblins everywhere, and we hope that you’ll love him even more than you already do after this!

How do you feel about Gobta? What’s your favorite Gobta moment? Let us know in the comments!


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