Shield Hero Anime Fans Are Heating Up For The Next Wave

Last week’s episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero melted everyone’s hearts. This week, we prepped for the next Wave. *SPOILERS CONTAINED*





If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.


Shield Hero kicked things off with the Melty vs. Naofumi standoff in the capital. Naofumi’s distrust for the royal family showed as he stood his ground against Melty. This left Filo understandably sad and confused with no explanation from Naofumi and a ban from seeing her new friend again.


A group from Lute asked Naofumi if they could support him in the Waves as they felt it was important to support the man that helped save the villagers. Being the hard business man that he now is, Naofumi told them to come back with 150 silver coins. The Shield Hero party tried to get class upgrades with no success from the official channels and found it’ll need to done in another country at another time. In the meantime, Filo and Raphtalia got spruced up with new weapons and Naofumi got the zombie dragon core embedded into his chest plate.

Naofumi also dropped an information bomb on Raphtalia: He plans on going home after all of the Waves are over. Raphtalia expressed that she wants to go with him. Filo woke up and called a foul that Raphtalia was being lovey dovey with Naofumi. The rivalry is alive, loud, and sleepily kicking!

Finally we got to see Bow and Sword Hero again! Bow Hero quoted Spider-Man and Shield Hero reacted as many would. It appears that Bow and Sword Hero are getting their jobs and rewards stolen these days and accused Shield Hero of being a part of it. Shield Hero has been cleaning up their messes and told them exactly how things turned out after their heroic deeds.

The group from Lute came back with the money and Shield Hero told them to get some armor and get ready for a strategy meeting. The Queen expressed her concerns and a mysterious new character briefly showed themselves.

The next Wave is in less than 24 hours in the show so there is no time to waste but first, Shield Hero provided a place for everyone to share their thoughts:


Team Raphtalia vs. Team Filo







Spider-Man quoting in a new world...weird flex but okay.







Get ready for what's coming next.




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