Fans Are Hyped For Shield Hero's New Enemy

Last week’s episode prepped the Shield Hero party for the next Wave. This week, the second Wave hit the heroes with unbelievable force and a new enemy appeared. *SPOILERS CONTAINED*





If you’re not completely caught up on The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes.


Shield Hero gave a handmade bracelet that boosts mana generation to Raphtalia and a handmade hair clip that boosts agility to Filo, much to their delight. The Shield Hero party grew with the latest additions from Lute and we also got to see a familiar face. Kung fu grandma! This development let Shield Hero, Raphtalia, and Filo to feel confident enough to leave the village in her and the rest of the party’s capable hands while they dealt with the actual source of the Wave.



The enemy was on a ship in the sky in the form of a soul eater and a cursed ship captain. The rest of the heroes were aboard and couldn't collaborate. Thanks to Naofumi’s desperate need for teamwork and show of it with his own team, they were able to defeat the initial threats. Unfortunately an even more powerful soul eater came to play and Naofumi felt that the only thing that could be capable of defeating was the Rage Shield.


This Rage Shield’s source of power was not from Naofumi’s own rage but from the zombie dragon’s hatred. Thankfully Raphtalia’s resolve broke through and he unlocked an even more powerful weapon sequence. Shield Hero defeated the enemy using Shield Prison and Iron Maiden.


All was well after the fact, Filo even started messing with Motoyasu until a new character appeared. The mysterious character made note that Sword, Bow, and Spear Hero weren't real heroes. She introduced herself as Glass, declared herself Shield Hero’s new enemy, and threw down the gauntlet for the true battle of the Wave.


This episode had a lot of action and left things off with a cliffhanger. Shield Hero himself provided a place to process all of it: 


Two words: Iron Maiden 







Glass is finally here. 









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